new york jersey

new YORK no – new JERSEY yes

Well, I did it again. I made it to New York City Newark and managed
to miss all of the bloggers and some of my friends. Now as distressing as you
would think I would be, I actually had a very good trip. I don’t have much to
report, except maybe a few things:

1) I missed Lynne and Ronn,
which I thought was either Fate playing a role or me acting as one of Charlie’s
Charlette’s Angels or something.
2) I missed Donald, which
had him a bit angry (for reasons I won’t mention here). All I know is that next
time I’m in the New York area I had better stay in Brooklyn or Bronx, lest I
take chances and end up being smuggled into one of those two boroughs.
3) I saw Grandma online, which in turn alerted my presence in
the vicinity to Tina. The ensuing telephone conversation ended
up being two hours and a promise that I’d be up in New York in February.
4) I spent enough time in Sharper
in complete and utter overload. What do you get a man
that has everything?!
5) I no longer feel alone in family drama. Everytime you see Michelle, please roll
out red carpet…oh and pass the ripple too.

In the hometown
area in South Alabama:
—My grandma broke her hip.
—My uncle fainted.
—A neighbor in Alabama lit a match, which set himself on fire.

And it’s not even Christmas yet….

4 comments on “new york jersey

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s right. My family drama is fierce and can hold it’s own against anybody else’s drama. And we’re all going to be together in less than three days.
    Yes, please somebody pass the liquor. Now please.

  2. Donald says:

    At least you know! I WILL resort to guerilla war tactics next time!
    *passes Michelle the Courvoisier!*

  3. kd says:

    with just a match? that would be quite something, to set oneself on fire with just a match.

  4. Bernard says:

    I again enjoyed your company Eric…. our conversations continue to grow and enlighten. I don’t know WHAT it is about NYC folks being unable to make it across the Hudson River. See… PATH & NJ Transit trains run all the time…. taking less time than it takes to go from the Bronx to Brooklyn… but I’ll digress…. seen it WAAAAY too many times already.
    By the way… that pork shoulder was too good….. you should have tried it… oooops, didn’t cook it until you left. Oh well… maybe when I’m down in ATL I’ll have to cook.

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