TG day

tg day
‘Cause you’re the star of the story I’ll always tell……

‘Star Of The Story’,Heatwave,‘Central

(Song selected by the Ahmir
Thompson Project
and presented on the CD "?uestlove
Presents Babies Makin’ Babies"

This day started out depressing, but is starting to become a better day, thanks
to you bloggers.

kd, i’m so sorry for not giving
you what you richly deserve. mad props.
george, you absolutely
jason, you rock. raise
your glass to Phrenology.
lynne, where you at?
I’m comin’ back soon.
ronn, you too. prepare youself…..
donald, don’t leave us.
when you come back from capoeira, ring me up.
michelle, much
love to you, b, and g. you smilin’ makes me smile.
mo, still waitin’ to play
lisa, catch you at work. love
you senselessly.
cecily, you know i’m still waitin’….
antonio, you know you keep
me alive during the dayz. i’m on my way there too.
j and Prime.
you know what time it is. up here with Anna. L-O-V-E in the
wood, let’s go hang
out. we need to hang more.
nappi, i keep
missing you.
anitra, I feel you.
I know how temporary it feels. I gotcha back.
anil, i’m the invisible
guy behind you.
james, two words: Diva Seven.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.

You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.
You’re an asswipe. It’s that simple.
You’re whiney, annoying, and tiresome.
One day, someone’s gonna smack you.

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the Hell Kinda Attitude is That?
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9 comments on “TG day

  1. kd says:

    well happy thanksgiving to you too!
    gobble gobble!

  2. Donald says:

    Awww, Happy Turkey and Giblets Day to you, too! Oh honey, you know when I leave I may not be here, but I’ll always be near … *grin!*

  3. Jason says:

    Toasting to you, right now, Mr. Flavors.

  4. j. brotherlove says:

    Actually, I prefer George Benson’s version of Star Of The Story.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh I hope you all had a wonderful day. I quite thankful that you came into my life this year. love, m.

  6. monique says:

    ej! i hope your turkey day went well. here is more love to you!

  7. ronn says:

    I ain’t Tevin, but I’m ready! (I’m thankful for you and everyone that tolerates my dry ass wit — or lack thereof).

  8. Antonio G says:

    I’m probably a day late and a dollar short — but I’m hoping that your T-Day went well and I thank you for being EJ.

  9. j-notes says:

    As I sit here fighting a cold and wishing my big ass brought some leftovers home from the 3 dinners I attended, I hope that you had a wonderful TG Day and send you much love from your family on the left coast.

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