on your mark, get set…

on your mark, get set…

, Karen
, ‘Distant Dreams’

Either raise your fist or avoid me at all costs.

Yeah, it’s me- the morning man. You know, the one who got up this morning at
7:00am EST and actually got stuff done. I call it incredulous.
Other people may call it demented. I got a chance to see Anna
make friends with (and then proceed to eat) ladybugs. I have to pick out schoolclothes
for j. brotherlove
in the near future so I’m checking out fall fashions. I’m getting ready for
New Joizey and New Yawk as we speak. I’m doing upgrades, site changes, experimentation,
and re-listening to Karen
. Tonight I get to eat spaghetti with mizithra cheeze and watched
recordings of Charmed,
Malcolm In The Middle,
and Boomtown. My
Newark host comes in and sleeps here waiting for a delayed flight back home.

Despite approximately 2 hours of sleep, my spaghetti being thrown out by accident,
and my impatient mother, this week will be my week.

And by the way….let me know what you think about the clip. I’m trying to dabble
here and dabble there….

What’s up with you?

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  1. *dabble*

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