So damn glad you came, but I just wanna get down
Maxwell, ‘Maxwell’s
Urban Hang Suite’

Well, thanks to me being hella adventurous, I took the big plunge to New
York City…. well, almost. I spent most of my time in Newark with friends all
around the place. It was New Jersey. It was cold. It rained. I had an absolute

Friday night I flew into Newark and met up with ewedontno.
My purpose on this trip was to hang with ewe, get reacquainted
with the New York City area (including two of my best friends, Anzi
and J9), and fulfill the expectation of meeting j.MD,
ewedontno’s new paramour. Since it was my first time meeting
j.MD, it was more of an interview and a possible brother into
my family. My other big expectation was to meet up with BT,
a longtime friend of mine, Ronn,
and Lynne, my favorite
bloggers from the New York area.

I made my prerequisite phone calls to Anzi
and to J9 to let them know I was in their vicinity. After I
lit those matches, we settled my bags into ewedontno’s house
and went down to pick up one of ewe’s friends, Mister
who was visiting relatives during the weekend. We hit it off almost
immediately as we waited for j.MD to arrive. We set out to
sit at a hotel near the train station, and while waiting for j.MD
to arrive, Mister L and I had great conversation as I got to
know him. After ewe’s face arose in a glow, we look up and
see j.MD, make our introductions, and hurry to Day-O.

Day-O was a pretty…okay restaurant, with but with the others
eating, with ewe and j.MD acting as couples
do, and with the arrivals of pyNYC and (the slightly tardy
but nonetheless grande) Anzi,
the evening was a great one of eating and talking about everything and nothing.
In the middle of conversation my phone rings and I’m instructed to look to my
left. Lo and behold I was shocked, surprised, and delighted to see Ric,
a longtime friend from Queens. The evening ended with us closing the restaurant,
tentative plans for meeting up with Anzi
and Ronn, and an active

Thanks to the rain and cold temperature of Saturday, the day fulfilled its destiny
of being relatively mellow. Ewe cooked, we ate, and mellowed
out. Ewe and I had a plan of going out to a mall that evening,
so that’s what we did. I managed to hook up with J9, one of
the people I’ve known for more than 4 years (and, incidentally met the same
time I met Prime).
It was great seeing him, but I also had the added attraction of meeting BK,
a good friend of Ewe and a wonderful guy. With the both of
them in the mall group, I had a great time, despite mediocre food at the mall
and my resistance at purchasing anything for fear of spending too much and eating
beans for Thanksgiving.

We went back home, rested, and got ready for the night out at Club 667
in Brooklyn, which had proclaimed Saturday as their last night [not clear if
this was their last club night or the last Saturday night the club would be
open]. With the music being mostly old dance and house music, the mixed crowd,
and wonderful groovin’ everywhere, I had a great time, with the only people
slowing down seemed to be me and BK around the 3am timeframe.
We made it back home very late that night exhausted but clearly people that
had a great time at something that was coming to an end.

Sunday ended up being even more restful. Since we were clearly tired, the weather
was still cold and rainy, and this was the departure day for j.MD
and I, we took it easy, with pancakes and ham being the food of choice. I had
a long conversation with Anzi, and lots of music to listen
to. After our food, drink, and music, j.MD were loaded into
the Ewe-mo-bile, and set out for our homes on Sunday afternoon.

My trip? Possibly the best one I’ve had so far, thanks to Ewe
and company making my entire weekend something that could have been dreadful
with nothing but water and wind and turned it into something that really needed
to be repeated. Look for that to happen in January of February.

I never got ahold of BT, but we did make a phone call or two,
so all was not completely lost. And what about the Terrific Two? I was unable
to hang out with Ronn
and Lynne, due to hectic
schedules, work, distances, and weather. I’ll make sure that I’m there longer
and I get to sit in front of their doors until I get to see them next time.
And yes, since I’ll bring my digital camera on that trip as well, I plan on
taking more pictures this time instead of acting as the shy one.

Moving on…

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  1. Antonio G says:

    Sounds as if you had a wonderful time in New Jersey / New York … Wherever you go you seem to get a good meal.

  2. ronn says:

    Sorry I missed you Papi. Bruvah was all confused about the day and wound up otherwise occupied. 😉
    Definitely let me know well in advance of your next stopover. And I’m sure Mr. Anzi will fill me in on the fun times.

  3. wood says:

    Glad to see you are having such a good time travelling and getting reaquainted with old and new friends. It is good to know you are back to your old jet setting self.

  4. Bernard says:

    It was great having you around for a few days…. you failed to mention the impromptu siesta you took immediately upon arriving at my place… feet on the floor and all laid back on the comforter. The snoring clued me in…. hahahhahah…. Luv Ya.

  5. That’s our Eric!

  6. Donald says:

    I’m missing you already … next time, we’ll get you up in Harlem! *HUG!*

  7. Michelle says:

    It sounds like much fun was had. You are completely a social butterfly. 🙂

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