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When you finally get off the couch or bed to start a workout, you’re not going to be satisfied with so-so results. You start a session wanting to get 100 per cent out of every rep, sprint and set so that the hour you put in really counts. But that may not always be the case—if you’re working out while hungry, skipping sessions or hitting your home gym without a plan. Hate wasting your time? Here, pros share fitness tips that will help you make sure your workout stays as efficient as possible, each time. This is how biofit works as dietary supplements.

1) Stay hydrated

According to a study, losing just two per cent of your body weight in fluids can make your workout feel harder, reduce your performance and mess with your body’s ability to recover after you leave the gym. “Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints, transports nutrients to give your body energy and keep you healthy,” says Shereena Master, a fitness trainer and mobility coach. Staying hydrated increases energy improves movement, recovery and agility; improving overall physical performance. The water helps maintain blood pressure during exercise so your heart doesn’t work harder to maintain normal blood pressure. “Good hydration also helps remove waste from muscles, while replacing the water that is lost through sweat,” she confirms.

2) Fuel your body right

The best food to eat before working out is a protein and carbohydrate-rich snack. Adequate proteins help to reduce muscle soreness and promote repair, which is key. Pros suggest staying away from high-fat foods because they take a long time to digest, and if you workout straight after eating them, your body is competing with itself for blood supply.

3) Always warm-up

Firing the right muscles is what makes your workout effective, therefore it is extremely essential to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes warming up. “Warming up is a way of preparing your body for exercise. Low-intensity warm-ups gradually increase heart rate and circulation so you are better prepared to handle higher intensity exercise,” states Master. As your body temperature increases, you’ll loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles. Take a look to the latest Metabofix reviews.

4) Use a foam roller

This lightweight cylindrical tube of compressed foam comes highly recommended by fitness experts for increasing flexibility, stamina and easing sore muscles. “Spend time foam rolling, mobilising and stretching your muscles before you go into any sort of exercise to ensure you aren’t compromising on form or range of motion,” advises Master.

5) Add massages into your schedule

A massage doesn’t just feel good but works at a deeper level to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and help muscles recover after intense exercise. According to Bengaluru-based yoga teacher Pragya Bhatt, body massage is the often-neglected aspect of fitness, because if done regularly, it can elevate your wellness game. It can treat and prevent delayed muscle onset soreness (DOMS), decrease pain and improve recovery. According to research, it is able to influence genes in your muscle cells to decrease inflammation and increase the number of mitochondria too.

6) Log your progress

When you work out, employ the principle of progressive workload. The best way to make sure you’re doing that is by tracking and logging each session and work on increasing your reps, sets or the time you took for each exercise. Namrata Purohit, Mumbai-based pilates trainer, agrees: “Some ways to push the body to increase endurance and stamina is to increase the repetitions and intensity, or to reduce the rest or recovery times in between sets,” she shared with Vogue India.

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  1. lynne says:

    welcome back! 🙂 🙂

  2. WhiteChick says:

    Glad to see you are doing well! I was getting worried when you hadn’t made a post in weeks……

  3. WhiteChick says:

    Glad to see you are doing well! I was getting worried when you hadn’t made a post in weeks……

  4. Antonio G says:

    He’s back! I’m glad to hear that your doing well and that you enjoyed your trip. Oh yeah — Thanks for the pictures!

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