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Today, thanks to Donald
and Prime, I may be switching
from editing in MovableType
to editing in w.bloggar.
Time will tell though. It’s always fun to try new things. But onto the incident
in Atlanta that has myself, Prime, and most of my colleagues thoughts this week.
While I should say something profound, something really serious about this issue,
I will instead direct you to Prime’s
entry of it. I echo the same sentiments he has about this situation (which
either makes me a great partner or under some form of hypnotism by him – who’s
to say?) In any case, here are some interesting things I perused from my
, specifically from the PlanetOut

1. This was supposed to take place much closer to November 3rd, not November

Atlanta gay and lesbian groups, along with several Morehouse students, met at a forum on Monday to discuss homophobia on the campus, but discussion of the Nov. 3 incident — which many believe was motivated by anti-gay feelings — was barred. (The panel discussion had been scheduled before Nov. 3.)

2. Censorship still seemed to be in place:

“We were censored,” said Craig Washington, who works with the Atlanta’s GLBT community center. “The moderator on the panel said discussing the incident wouldn’t be constructive. It was shameful.”
The local gay paper, Southern Voice, was also asked to leave the meeting, while representatives from the local mainstream media were allowed to stay.

3. As bad as the forum seemed to be, there’s still some hope:

“It is a deplorable act,” said Washington. “It really speaks to the
need for sensitivity training and outreach to the Morehouse administration.
The school needs, if nothing else, a policy that would outlaw any form of discrimination
including gender and sexual orientation, but they haven’t met to talk to us
about it yet. We do hope they will. Morehouse needs to be a safe campus for
all students.”

In any case, I’m getting ready for Ronn,
Lynne, and Donald
this weekend. If you have any spells I can cast things you’d like me to
do in New Yawk, please let me know.

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