the prop house

I’ve blown away my money all for the sounds of songs- almost 200 of them as
a matter of fact. What’s next? The return of ej to the club

Friday P.M.

By the time 9:00pm rolls around, EricJ and I have slept to
prepare for what stands to be a festive evening. For dinner, EricJ
decides to prepare mostacolli for us while I set him up with Trillian
and Yahoo! Banks
stops over, phone calls are made, showers are taken, and the driving womyn,
Smiley and Tina arrive. Tina
is the loud boisterous one who drives us to the Prop House. Have you ever felt
like you were on a rollercoaster ride? Try riding with them. I have never gotten
to a club from the northside of Chicago in 15 minutes. Ever. At the
door, Tina realizes that she left her ID at home and has to
ride back and get it. The rest of us go into inside and order drinks.

Usually, I can expect a load of my friends there- RB, BeeP,
Sucka, BigShorty, ScaryMale,
and a host of other people there and it becomes more of a big party than a big
dance club. That didn’t happen this time, though. I met UncleEm,
a friend from California who I hadn’t seen it more than 9 years, and Reg,
a friend who’s been everywhere but I always manage to miss. With Banks
and EricJ, we’re all happy to see each other. After eating
and resting, I’m still a little tired but I manage to hold my own on the sidelines
while EricJ’s She Force comes
and takes over. This is literally the first time where I’ve been to a club where
it’s not predominately male, which pleases me. EricJ introduces
me to Natalie, Kim (his sister) and Cleo.
With the music jumping, the bass pumping and the party bumpin’, I don’t dare
move. I chill, expecting a pretty mellow time in the corner.

One man sits next to me, who keeps bumping into me as I sit. He aplologizes
profusely and explains that he’s "fucked up" after having two drinks.
Not a problem for me. He gets up, walks around, and sits down every 15 minutes
or so. Finally after an hour, I ask him, "Are you still torn up or are
you okay?" He says that he’s fine and that he’s pretty much sobered up.
He looks back at me and then says the following pick up line that I’m sure I’ve
heard before but which always sounds like a loaded statement: "So,
why are you sitting down here? Are you shy?"
I assure him that I am
fine, I’m not drunk, and I pretty much say what I feel. He asks me if I "have
what it takes?
" Again, a loaded statement. I assure him that I’ve
never had any problem with what I have, and he asks me, "Show me what
you got!"

When I look at him with a crazy face, he stutters, "No, you don’t have
to do that…I’m just curious, and I must still be drunk…"
as he
staggers and leaves. I look around for EricJ, but he’s busy
with other men. The other men and women are on the dance floor, and I get the
feeling it’s not the last time I will see Corey. Lo and behold,
here he comes again, asserting himself with his hands, trying to verify that
I was plentiful enough for him. After I give him the crazed look he apologizes
again and thought that I must want to physically hurt him. I told him that although he’s cute, he really
shouldn’t do that, and that I’m flattered. He said that he really wanted to
talk to me and if it were too forward, he would love to hang out with me and
possibly meet me at my house. I said that it’s possible if he ever wanted to
come to Atlanta and go out to lunch with myself and my lover Mike.
His face immediately saddened. I felt really bad for him, and I’m a sucker for
a sad face and started to give him more attention. Luckily, EricJ
and Uncle Em come by and save me.

Shortly thereafter, we leave the Prop House
to head back home and see two men across the street hit on two other men.
We quickly notice that the two men being hit on are offended, start calling
the two others "dick eaters" and "punks", and start to try
to chase after them. Two other men leave the club and realize what’s happening.
Their anger saves the day as they find broken glass and large sticks and go
after the gay bashers. Names go back and forth, but the two bashers are forced
to leave the premises before they become the battered ones themselves. What
starts out to be a potentially frightening situation turns into aversion to
violence. With the evening ending on a high note, we go home to bed, looking
forward to the next day of my visit.

Onto Saturday…with pictures.

To be continued…

4 comments on “the prop house

  1. Donald says:

    Such a gentleman, but that heffa acted like she wanted to be SLAPPED all across her face!!! Pulling a stunt like that! See, I TOLD J. that those heffaz can smell a married man (especially if they smell some DICK) 7 blocks away and will be RELENTLESS in getting that dick! They’ll pull out all sorts of guerrilla war tactics! See?
    Um, do y’all wear rings? It might may things more obvious (and more tantalizing for those who DO zero in on married men) but it would give you another weapon against situations like that. Just hold it up and go “See?”
    Maybe something in platinum?

  2. wood says:

    He asks me if I “have what it takes?” Again, a loaded statement. I assure him that I’ve never had any problem with what I have, and he asks me, “Show me what you got!”
    See you still got it after all these years.
    Yes Donald a professional can spot a good dick at 20 paces, and yes that raises the stakes of the chase when he is married. The thrill is to see if you can break him down, or you know you can have your cake and eat it too provided you don’t get too attached to the dick, I mean cake. (lol)
    A ring will just make the married man easier to spot, plus there is the side effect of attracting women. I am not sure how it is where you are, but there are equal opportunity hoe’s here in Atlanta.

  3. PRIME says:

    ** Prime initiates seek and destroy operative on all gay black men named Corey in Chicago ** LOL
    And I have first had experience with the EOH’s in the ATL. They will try to seduce you in your own home with your man in eye/ear shot of their attemps. Just tragic I tell ya!!

  4. Okay… wasn’t this two weeks ago? Like, where are the pics?

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