sunday, hungry sunday

sunday, final sunday

Last night was all about food, friends, and quality time on
Saturday. Today, food, friends, and quiche time on Sunday.


I got up earlier than most people we knew on Sunday, around 7:30am. The first
thing that hit my body as I woke up was the apartment as it mirrored the temperature
of a lovely 37 degrees outside. This frigidity almost warranted my panic attack
on Thursday afternoon. I put on my jacket and a pair of sweatpants to walk around
the cool apartment. Since I woke up three hours earlier, I was left with listening
to music and jumping around the internet, trying desperately to forget the weather

I awoke EricJ on our lovely Sunday. In a stupor he went to
go get coffee for himself and hot chocolate for myself from Starbucks.
Unfortunately, what started out as a walk turned into a stumble for him. The
entire chocolate was demolished, and nearly 70% of the coffee was spilled onto
the cold Chicago concrete. Due to the cold weather and the classic calamity,
I relished the fact that we were still in a (fairly) warm aparment with a (fairly)
small amount of cigarette smoke.

CDLee arrives.  i've only known him for 14 years.  yeah, he's the mean one in your neighborhood.
file the two under "scary".
Daddy IMed me and let us know that he was on his way toward
EricJs house and CDLee phoned me and let me
know that he was also getting on the train and was headed toward the north side.
I made a phone call that let UncleEm and Reg
know that we would have others with us. Once the others arrived, we were on
our way to a brunch (I’ll gloss over the fact that even though we were supposed
to be there at 11am, we ended up getting there at 12:30pm instead).

Reg, the organizer and music connaiseur, along with Banks, master of all.
for every Anna, there's a counterpart. this was the one in Chitown.
CDLee, EricJ, Banks, and Daddy . this is how they roll.

No matter. We all sat down and ate: vegetable quiche, bacon quiche, eggs, bacon,
sausage, toast, coffee, orange juice, mimosa, and other culinary delights. I
can count the number of times I’ve had quiche (four, excluding this one), and
I had to say this was definitely the best I’ve had yet. We talked about plenty
of subjects, including travelling, sex, characters in film and cinema, sex,
dinner plans, sex, mimosa, and sex.

me and the krew, before they kicked me out of the city.
After we finished eating, we exchanged our goodbyes quickly, since we spent
so much time eating and talking, that when we looked at the clock it was a lovely

I left the city to return in November, which is impending. Stay tuned for next
month’s activities, which will have me in Jekyll
, Newark, and Chicago (again).

Th-th-that’s all folks….

(We now return to our regularly scheduled program).

8 comments on “sunday, hungry sunday

  1. Michelle says:

    Awww. Cute puppy.

  2. lisa says:

    o-KAY, with the pics that (when i click on them for a closer look) don’t fit on my screen and have me all up IN folks’ nose hairs and such! *lol*
    quiche looks good, tho. *making mental note to dig out recipe for pissaladiere…a mediterranean quiche with black olives, tomatoes, onions, and loads of fresh garlic*
    sounds like a great trip. glad you’re traveling again. 🙂

  3. livingnappy says:

    Thank you for the pictures. I hope you had a great time. The breakfast looks good!
    Stay warm.

  4. Interesting seeing all of these folks after so many years. I don’t know when I will make it to Chicago, again. Thanksgiving is a natural choice. But, my heart’s not in it.

  5. lynne says:

    when are you going to hip me to some more new music. get back here already.

  6. Antonio G says:

    I agree — I’m with Lynne! I’m feenin’ for something new and exciting.

  7. *walks in, looks around, leaves*

  8. homiesexual says:

    isn’t it such a pleasurable moment when you get to spend time with friends? have fun and have food.
    yum yum yum.

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