how i blew it all away

For those just tuning in, I landed in Chicago on Thursday night, laboring under
anxiety in the day and pizza in the night. What next? Well, Friday, of course.

Friday A.M.

I wake up to the sounds I came in on from Atlanta – Coldplay’s
Parachutes CD – and make plans for this glorious day called
Friday. One of the major wishes that I must fulfill today is to go to Dr.
in Chicago’s southside Hyde Park community and meet up with BigD
to purchase up and coming CDs. But, hey, EricJ is asleep so
I listen to music and socialize with bloggers, Chicagoans, and folks from the
south. I’ve been dying to see BigShorty so I figure I can see
what he’s up to, meet with him, and setup more plans for the weekend while EricJ
is snoozing.

…and snoozing and snoozing. Finally he wakes up, but by that time I’m half
asleep, half awake and feeling hungry. He fixes me breakfast – scrambled eggs,
bacon and dark brown toast (heh heh). We finally manage to leave the house sometime
around 1. We head out toward Hyde Park but EricJ convinces
me to go to Virgin first and pick up some music from there.

Why the hell did he do that?

What stood to be a real quick entrance turned out to be an hour’s worth of me
running up and down the stairs, trying to convince myself that I am not insane and
purchasing a little music for just stopping through. But that’s under the
assumption that I can stop myself, which I can’t, and that this place doesn’t
have much music, which we all know is a lie – after all this is a Virgin
. So I’m running up and down the stairs, and I haven’t eaten yet,
yet I can hold ten CDs and run faster than EricJ when I really
should be looking for the nearest restaurant and gorging myself. I ended up
leaving the store with 10 CDs…

Thievery Corporation The Richest Man In Babylon
Cassius Au Reve
Felix Da Housecat Kittenz And Thee Glitz
Lamya Learning From Falling
Swing Out Sister Somewhere Deep In The Night
Tom Tom Club Tom Tom Club
Curtis Mayfield Superfly
Boy George & Culture Club At Worst…The Best Of
The Style Council Greatest Hits

EricJ finally made me realize that my both my mind and my stomach needed a break.
With that I bid adieu to Virgin. I called out to see if BigD
was working at Dr. Wax, to
make sure that we weren’t going to make a trip down there and not have him there
to advise me on good music selections. I was lucky I made the call, because
– you guessed it – he wasn’t there. Our next course of action was to go see
Barbershop, but
that was quickly nixed when we passed by Houston’s
and the stomachs took control.

I never thought I could eat that much, but we both ate more than we talked and
ran to catch the EL back to the house and rest for the evenings festivities.
That’s when irony hit. EricJ casually suggested that Dr.
had opened a new location which was literally next door to
our EL stop. I was curious, and we walked in. I looked around and saw some curious
things, and listened to what they had been playing. I looked across and saw
TheMan – manager and man-of-all-wisdom – eating noodles and
I asked him about the music that was playing and if he had any recommendations.
When we both exchanged ideas and discovered our tastes were the same, the world
opened up yet again.

TheMan sat his food down, gave someone else power over the
register, and proceeded to walk me through the store and indulge me. At that
time EricJ said that he would wait outside for me which should
have tempered my excitement and made me leave with him. That, of course, didn’t
happen. Without further ado I found myself quickly crushing my travel budget,
becoming a Dr. Wax preferred customer, and exiting with 8 more

Suba Tributo
Fantastic Plastic Machine Beautiful
Nightmares On Wax Mood Elevation
Ursula 1000 The Now Sound of Ursula 1000
Jazzyfatnastees The Tortoise & The Hare
Supreme Beings of Leisure Divine Operating System
Eighteenth Street Lounge Soundtracks Jet Society
King Kooba Indian Summer

For a total of 17 CDs, I quickly blew away my planned spending limit within 24 hours, and Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday were still left. We went into hiatus with our music excitement and physical fatigue to rest
up for dinner and excitement for Chicago on a Friday night.

To be continued….