back to bryn mawr

Remember when I said I just had to go to Chicago, to really relearn the past? Well, I’m back…yeah, with some pictures. I’m just glad that Prime got me the Canon Powershot A40 so that I can be more visual with my blogs these days. I was pretty light on the visuals these days- more people than objects- but I’ll be picking up on those soon, since New York and music seem to be on my mind.

I start out the day prepping myself to go to Chicago to visit lots of people, eat lots of pizza, and purchase lots of CDs. I purchase some nice tennis shoes and luggage and get ready for my trip to the big city.
And then, after looking at the weather prediction for the weekend I have a panic attack.
Now, I’m sure you’ve seen (or at least heard) of people having panic attacks, right? I’ve seen and heard of cases where people start to shake, and they start becoming very phobic about the area around them. Me? Well, no- no shaking, no quaking, no screaming… I simply freeze and start to get sleepy. I haven’t had to go out in cold weather – let alone fly on a plane in that kind of weather- in literally 18 months. So here I am sitting on my bed, hair not cut yet, thinking of reasons not to go to Chicago where it’s supposed to rain all day Saturday and the high temperature is supposed to be in the 40s on Sunday. I finally manage to cut my hair and then sit back on the bed again in a stupor. I was finally able to alert Prime and Ewedontno and they snap me out of the trauma at 3:00pm. I made it to the plane on time with the clothes, the cash, and the coats.
I arrive at Chicago and I’m picked up by MDM and Dinah who escorted me to the wild side- Bryn Mawr Avenue, located on the north side of Chicago where I my first apartment and experienced “coming out”. During this drive, we talk about music. MDM and I make a pact of selling our souls for music this weekend. I am dropped off at the house of EricJ, my pal and confidant of more than 10 years. We caught up on old times while we sat and watched E.R. and ate Giordano’s Pizza. He links me to the cable modem, and I give him Trillian. A day that started out filled with panic ends up filling us with pizza. Who says life can’t get better?