256 colors, only one me

Please excuse the color revamps of the site. I’m not going insane, I’m merely making changes, and you can be sure they will change..and change…and change…. Make comments also. I don’t bite.

7 comments on “256 colors, only one me

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the butter yellow. There is just a lot of it. Definitely a switch when you come here expecting black. 🙂

  2. e j says:

    Butter Yellow? eeep! (It’s actually tan, but if I look at the screen a different way….)

  3. Michelle says:

    Well you know every monitor and every browser is different. Yada, yada, yada. On this machine I’m using Windows ME and IE 6 and baby it looks butter yellow. Sorry… =)

  4. Antonio G says:

    From what I’m looking it — It’s kinda cherry vanilla.

  5. No.. he didnt.. oh lord.. why you do this? You can make the background crimson red, and yellow font color..thats so much better.
    I’m serious.

  6. lynne says:

    I think I dug the dark tones you had going on a lot more. Dunno why. I mean this is aight. But it ain’t hitting me yet. Keep going through that palette yo. Don’t bite me. Please. At least not…hard.

  7. I haven’t found the harmony with the new colors, yet. But the fun’s in ‘perimenting, right?

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