vivacious & vapid

People a smile at you when they really wanna frown
Well a that’s just the way tainted folk get down
Just keep it real and, we’ll see
When the situation is tainted love is always free

Tainted, Slum Village, ‘Trinity (Past, Present, and Future)
I’ve been concentrating in making my world spin faster these days. It seems to be going well, but every so often I have to sit down and figure out what the hell is going on.
Friday I spent a lot of time purchasing more electronic equipment – all with no batteries. Instead of becoming more photogenic, I became power hungry. I managed among other things, to get more hard disks with lots of space (120GB, thankyouverymuch – with USB cables to boot). Anna managed to go through her early breakfast near my side of the bed and decided that she liked the taste of USB cables, and that I didn’t really need them anyway – they were really made for her.
On Saturday, I managed to sleep all freakin’ day, went shopping for new clothes and was pleased with the way I looked. So pleased in fact, I even went to a Zami event with Prime. I spent a lot of time and enjoyed myself, but during that entire time, all I could think about was resigning from all of the boards of all of the organizations that I’m a part of and starting over again with a clean slate. Instead of being dressed up, I felt like I was dressed down and naked in front of the people (not that the idea totally makes me uncomfortable, you understand, but it wasn’t one of the things I was prepared on doing on a Saturday night).
And of course, on Sunday, I spent half the day asleep. When I woke up, I was greeted with a phone call from a high school friend who I hadn’t heard from since 1985. I then talked with my I’ll-call-you-but-you-won’t-answer-so-I-love-you-but-you-must-hate-me-but-don’t-worry-about-me-I’ll-be-just-fine-after-all-I-am-your mother and then spent exactly two hours with Cher being nostalgic about all of the old and new music, acquaintances, and life’s situations. Forgetting that I was supposed to be getting out of the house, I dressed quickly for dinner and a movie. With a dinner which was spectacular, I reasoned that the movie I was going to see was as vivacious as the day had seemed to be…right?
As I sat through Ballistic, my day which was vivacious turned… you guessed it… vapid.
Why did I go see the movie? I hadn’t heard about it. Maybe because no one dared talk about it. Lucy Liu…yeah, alright, she’s not the most emotional actor, but she’s pretty…um…okay, in action movies, right? And Antonio Banderas…well, the movie’s gonna be good, right?
Wrong. I could have spent $8 on sulfuric acid, on Adolf Hitler biographies, on Wyclef CDs. Instead I spent it on this movie.
Well, enough of all that – how was your weekend?

8 comments on “vivacious & vapid

  1. wood says:

    I thought Ballistic was a ok movie. And don’t hate on Lucy Liu. True she has the market cornered on being an ice princes, and may not be able to play any other type of character. You must admit she works it in that movie. The only reason I went to see Ballistic is because of Lucy Liu. Just as we went to see XXX. It was for Vin Diesel. Even though they are both trained actors (who knew), there box office is based on them being some ass kicking eye candy.

  2. Look…
    I dont know, but I want to hear something EROTIC going on between you and prime now. Some of that jooda-collard-green details now.

  3. e j says:

    jooda what?!
    ….just say no…….
    and Wood…it would have been okay if her character was more like the ones she’s played on Ally or Charlie’s Angels. And Antonio Banderas? Enuff said. She was alright, but the movie direction and production was not something I would have run to go see. I would have been happier to have seen it on DVD.

  4. Antonio G says:

    [laughs] … and walks away from this post.

  5. * * * calling my therapist – I need recovery fast * *

  6. I’m serious.. dang… cant there be a post that starts somethin like…
    Prime was real romantic and he did this last night and we did this and that.. and doo doo doo… and we baked the oven real hot last night… and I was provided and satisfied real good, then we talked for a long time, and now we gon’ have a kid.
    you get what i’m sayin ej?

  7. wood says:

    Lloyd that post would go something like this”Prime was real romantic and he did this last night and we did this and that.. and doo doo doo… then Anna decides to do her rendition of Faith’s “you gets no love” and spoils the moment. When she is sure Prime has cooled off to sneek into J.’s room

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