They came from over the hills… they took my life, took everything
I have… my children… oh yeah, my wife, they kill my wife…but most of all…they
stole my last Clint Eastwood movie…

Who Are You?, Loose Ends, ‘Zagora’

You know, this is the first time in a long while where I have nothing to say. Maybe it’s the doctor’s appointment- I go up in weight (yay) but go down in blood counts (whoa!). Maybe it’s music – the more I buy the more I want. Maybe it’s parties – I go to my first party in almost a year and end up getting sick from some of the food. And no, I won’t talk about chatrooms today… So….
…okay, this is where I’m supposed to put pictures up, but seeing as that pictures and skills are lacking right about now, I’m going to go to sleep.
Night, y’all.

3 comments on “ugh.

  1. Antonio G says:

    We’ve been waiting … but we’ll continue to wait.

  2. livingnappy says:

    Rest is more important. We can wait.
    Take care of yourself, okay?

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