that’s mr. flavor$ to you

I’ve finally got my money. Everybody cheer, since I’ve been surviving since April without any disability dividends.
Now that the drama is over, here’s what’s happening as we speak:
1. We’re all getting ready for the party. I saw quite a few men and womyn who I rarely see who wanted to be invited to the party. So far, there have been 160 invitations that have gone out. Apparently, there’s more word of mouth about last years’ party than we knew about. Stay tuned for festivity updates. J.Brotherlove’s got the music and the alcohol, I’m getting the food and being the tour guide. Prime of course, is being quite the co-host. I have to make sure he can still keep going without falling asleep.
2. There’s a brunch going on that has to be prepared. Considering brunch starts at 1pm and it’s nearly 8am and preparations have just started, I’m hoping and praying for the best.
3. You know my SUV? Yeah, it’s the one that had a little fender bender as I was heading toward the cashier station in the parking deck of the hotel. It makes funny noises and is very dangerous to drive, seeing as the front left tire can blow any minute now. For this reason, my ride is undrivable, and I have to take it to the shop on Tuesday.
4. I was supposed to go to the Unity Fellowship Church today. Seeing that the SUV is outta whack, I’ll be lucky if I can leave the house after Prime is back doin’ his thang.
5. Donald, Donald, Donald. Need I say more?
That’s it for now. more to come as it develops.