good lawd! there’s more!

Please remember that rough drafts of blogs are placed here and cleaned up after the vacation, so please bear with me- this is a very, very rough draft! I need to get these blogs out as the good times envelop me.
Reminder to self: must get Jay’s for J…must get Jay’s for J…must get Jay’s for J…
Papa, Delacroix, and I were to entertain each other at The Original Pancake House while DDP was set to attend church. Before we began though, I figured since I was so close to Sucka’s house that I should at least visit him. He came to greet us just before we started eating breakfast. I got the apple pancake, which is pancake batter that they bake with apple slices inside and cinnamon dusted on top to make it a huge pancake. It was awful. I and I ate as much as I could before I just decided to drink my coffee and continue on with my visit.
At Delacroix’s insistence, we stopped into Dr. Wax, and who did I see but Big D, acquaintance of mine and a very good friend of J.Brotherlove!! I was so happy to see him, and we hugged. We then waxed poetic about J.Brotherlove, and soon afterwards, I insisted that he tell me what to purchase. With his recommendations, along with Thaione, I left with the following:
Goapele � Even Closer
DJ Jazzy Jeff � The Magnificent
Cam � Soulshine
Thaione Davis � Progress
Nuspirit Helsinki
Seek � Surrender
Needless to say, we talked about everything � from Koop to Jazzanova to Julie Dexter to Ledisi. We bonded, and I insisted that he stay with us the next time he came to Atlanta.
As Papa sped up Lakeshore Drive, Delacroix and I were absorbing the music on the radio. We screamed when we heard Main Ingredient sing Work To Do, borrowed by The Isley Brothers and Vanessa Williams. We got to Bryn Mawr and Broadway and were set to hang out with EricJ. EricJ however had other ideas: it seems that his ex-date and he were having words, which had agitated EricJ so much, hw was angry beyond belief. I of course was stunned, and we sat in the coffee shop and waited for the breakup conversation to cease. After he was read one good time for having this conversation and being very short with his friends at the same time, we grew close again while eating chocolate mousse cake. While under the influence of the gracious cake, I saw Capital C outside, ushered him in and spent exactly 30 seconds with him, got his numbers, and made a promise to connect with him so that we could catch up on what�s been going on. EricJ, Papa, Delacroix and I proceeded to EricJ�s house to continue the conversation and let DDP rest for the majority of the evening.
Walking up to EricJ�s house brought back memories of the way life used to be in Chicago. I sauntered through my old neighborhoods to his house, where we then sat down and listened to En Vogue and Mary J. Blige while having more conversation and waited for DDP. The doorbell rings, and who is it but Big C who arrives in the nick of time! We have a conversation for exactly 10 minutes. I leave, fairly teary-eyed that I didn�t get to spend more time with them but I assured them I would return to Chicago even if I had to walk.
DDP and I went to find Docks, Baskin Robbins, and Lactaid (in that same order- Baskin Robbins and I need a mediator for the digestive system, and what better than Lactaid?) We then made our way to the domicile of DDP and watched O Brother, Where Art Thou and prepared for Sunday as the last day of my Chicago trip.
By the way � I managed to take more than 20 photos. Since the camera is a new thing for me, I will be uploading and cutting and pasting. Stay tuned for more changes.
Tomorrow is the last day, y�all�

7 comments on “good lawd! there’s more!

  1. Prime says:

    Somewhere in there I just know you mentioned how much you miss us all here in the ATL. Anna, who has been having and EJ love fest last week, is going through seperation anxiety and acting up ROYALY. She’s taking to playing with carpenter ants to keep her busy. If she could only learn not to EAT her little play mates…..
    Glad you are having a good time. Now come back home…..

  2. Donald says:

    Honey, you better be blogging from Chicago!
    I don’t have to tell you how mouth-watering Giordano’s website looks! *drools!* When I go up there, I WILL be making a stop! You can order their (meatless) pizzas online and they’ll freeze it, pack it on dry ice and ship it out for your (and your friends, right? RIGHT?) consumption. (RIGHT?!?) But I probably won’t do that … it probably tastes better sitting there in the restaurant. Plus I rejoined the gym yesterday, so I’ll be on a diet of water and Xenadrine
    And Mike, MIss Anna’s BEEN acting up! Eric told me how she got up into J’s cache of Kiehl’s products! Honey, Anna has declared WAR on y’all! *LOL!*

  3. You’re home now right?

  4. When Prime told me you ran into Big D at Dr. Wax, I said “Woo Hoo!” Then… “Uh-oh, he’s gonna come home with $200 worth of CD’s.” Don’t make me a liar.
    I haven’t heard OF these names in eons, let alone seen them. Pics will be interesting.

  5. Michelle says:

    It sounds like someone has been a very, very busy boy. I know Anna will be most happy when you get home and I am anxious to see all of these photos.

  6. lynne says:

    in the words of stardust, “music sounds better with you.” you know i gotta check for thos recs.

  7. allan says:

    WOW….i heard that Thaione Davis “Progress” was only available overseas…that album is really good, and the music is oh so….what can i possibly say =)…good show lad snatching up the imports for a pretty penny…did you meet Thaione? i saw him perform in paris last year, that guy can definately hold down a show!!!
    off to see the wizard…

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