Can you believe it?! After 13 months – 13 months – I get to travel for the very first time! I am absolutely psyched about this whole thing. I started thinking about getting away from the house on Monday, but I was afraid to purchase a ticket anywhere for fear of not having travelled in so long and watching my money. On Tuesday, I had conquered all of my fears and started to plan a trip to Chicago. When I looked at tickets on Wednesday, the ticket prices escalated (read: almost tripled) so I used frequent flyer points to put the trip into motion. (And yes, I managed to get first class this time…how’s that for being cooped up for so long?)
Today I plan on getting off a plane and staying with my friend DDP for the weekend. I’ve known him since the second year of college (for those who wonder what year that was, it indeed was 1986). With DDP I can expect wireless networking so I will be on today and during the weekend and will be blogging, so be sure to holler if you see me. I’ll miss you all, but with either eating at Giordanos or Bacinos today along with college friends Cuz and CAC on my list of things to do, I’ll be kept busy. Keep your eyes peeled…I’ll be blogging early and often.

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  2. Bring back some Jay’s Potato Chips!

  3. r flavors says:

    Have a wonderful time,you deserve ya

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