brain dump, day 2

Today will be a mostly off-the-network day. I’ll be hanging over at EricJ’s. From there I will be fixing EricJ’s and CB’s equipment and waiting for Poppa, his date, Rowan, and an assortment of other people.
They want to give me green-apple-martini’s. That’s not going to happen today. I cannot drink and hang. That would be too….um…interesting. They also want me to move and go to lots of places. Needless to say, I won’t be a tourist today. Take me to get some food, and I’m with you. To walk around and frolic…nope, not in the plans.
I also gotta figure out how to work this camera today. I plan on taking pictures…little do they know it’s pictures of them. Heh heh.
Oh, and Jay’s Potato Chips are in the cards. And Polishes.
Chicago. How to get fat without even trying.
And now some scary inspiration from DDP:
Revelation says that the pope will move the Vatican to Jerusalem, and that animal sacrificing will happen again. When that happens, DDP says to call him. He won’t be doing any converting until then.
(I gotta find some breakfast. Like right now.)

2 comments on “brain dump, day 2

  1. Yeah… when you gonna get back?
    PLEASE drink a little bit. I beg you. Hell no… he can’t move to jerusalem.. somebody needs to be crowned in vatican. *winks*

  2. “Chicago. How to get fat without even trying.” That should be the motto, right? And were most of the people you haven’t seen in a while like, 15 lbs heavier? It’s the long cold winters, right? Still, I love Chicago.
    *jumping up & down for chips*

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