brain dump, day 1

I�m exhausted. I�ve been up since 6AM and have very little sleep all day. I guess that�s what they call vacation, huh? I�m just spilling info right now. I�ll clean up when I get a chance to tomorrow. For now, just accept the brain dump.
Seeing that this is my first travel in a while, I have to pack. What normally is only a 20 minute ordeal for me has now taken an hour. I manage to find enough clothes for a four day trip and be able to carry them in a small carry-on bag. I also take my meds in the same bag. And then I start packing my laptop bag. Seeing as I haven�t really worked in eons, I clean everything that�s a little too old to fit in my bag (mental note: Trident sugarless gum that has been in a bag for more than a year should be thrown away, no questions asked). I then pack my laptop, a wireless network card, my CD player with headset, lotion, travelers clock, pens, notebook. Wow. I make a mental note to make sure that I purchase a digital camera; I start believing that I can purchase a camera across the street, but then remember that I have to cut my hair and my get rid of face hair, seeing as I look like a Cro Magnon right now.
After all of this is done, I start to panic seeing as cutting my hair and watching E.R at the same time was probably not as prudent as it should have been. Also, having Anna there being the dog who believes that she should never have to bow down, being the queen and all, time gets a bit busy,
Who saves my life? Why Prime of course. I can�t find the old camera? No problem, mon! He comes up with yet another camera hidden in the house, able to connect to the laptop using a USB port. My test shot? Why Anna of course! Feeling satisfied, I say my goodbyes to �Chelle, MJ, DDP, and EricJ via the computer, shut everything down, and head to the airport.
I check in and get my ticket, and then get a bite to eat after going through scanning lines. That�s when not traveling for a year starts to take its toll. I get ready to board the plane, at which time, the man in charge of check-ins redirects me to the security guard standing to the side. What the hell?! The lovely 4�11� woman asked me to take my shoes off, turn on my camera and computer, and runs through my bags. Okay, now I�m all confused. I don�t know what�s going on, but this had better not be the signal that the rest of my day is going to hell. After all is said and done, I�m allowed to put my shoes back on and get on the plane, only to get in the wrong seat. I simply sleep my way past all of it until we�re just about to land.
I wait for 1 hour for DDP who went through hell trying to get his rental car. I get to his house, and see his lovely dog, Dominic which he insists uses the bathroom all over the place, is 10 years old, and gets yelled at constantly. I call him an evil man. He calls me �bitch�. What a pal. After IMing all over the place, I get to talk to Koora, then go to dinner with DDP.
After going towards a pizza place, DDP mentions how he�d really like to go eat steaks. After I berate and admonish him for not saying that in the first place, we end up going to Reza�s Restaurant. As I desperately look for the steak, I find that there are more Mediterranean dishes here than steaks. After I give him a crazed look, I go ahead and order my kabobs and he orders his lamb. I suggest sangria, which he gleefully accepts. After talking about various things (which I try to drown away by my sangria), we head back to the house as I type and he uploads nice displays of, um, sultry women.