back to life

However do you want me, however do you need me
Back To Life, Soul II Soul, ‘Club Classics, Volume 1’

I’m back in Hotlanta, and ready to take another vacation, believe that. My
ordinary brain is back. You know, the one that thinks overtime and tries to
do 14 things at once. Heh heh. I’m liking that a whole lot – I’m cleaning up
the Chicago blogs as we speak – more digital stuff, more links, etc.

Music that was discovered and/or bought in Chicago will be listened to and
reviewed. Food will be eaten (I’m so damn hungry these days, you’d think I was
Starvin’ Marvin). Photographs have been taken and will be uploaded (this of
course assumes that I will operate the digital camera correctly …we’ll see
how that works out). Blogs will be read, and more importantly, commented on.
I’ll catch up on exercise, work related things, ice cream, and watermelon.

There’s sleep somewhere in there too.

But enough of me…what are you planning on doing for the rest of September?

9 thoughts on “back to life

  1. maaaan, i loved “back to life”…i tore up some dance floors to that, back in the day….
    my dad’s name is marvin…so you’re (as i always say) starvin’ like my dad. 🙂
    the rest of september is devoted to packing up, moving, unpacking, and getting settled in my (new) office…and enjoying the onset of my favorite time of year.

  2. I’m still in love w/ Soul II Soul!!! hmmm…I have no plans for the rest of Sept. :(…oh, yes I do!! Study my butt off (can’t afford to slack)!!

  3. September’s already booked up with work, work and more work. I second Michelle. If I can get through September, October will be mighty lovely. *smile*

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