vitamin for today

I know dreams can fly, ’cause I’m so inspired….
Inspired, Satoshi Tomeii, ‘Full Lick’
While I may be downtrodden about not having money, let me say that I am positively uplifted by V103’s morning show. I mirror pretty much what j.brotherlove has said about the morning show, so I invite you to read what he has said, rather than duplicating the effort.
To add to his statement, I have been pretty much of an activist, albeit a more quiet one, these past 15 years. I have been a chairperson of some of the organizations, and a member of quite a few of them. This definitely helps me to uplift my spirits up and celebrate this weekend, which has started out on a great note and which will end on a greater one.

2 comments on “vitamin for today

  1. Antonio G says:

    Oh how I miss “The Quiet Storm,” with Joyce Littel. Did you hear about Donnie and Ledisi @ The Cotton Club on 08/31? I’m still jealous about “The White Heat,” that the DIC is having this weekend …

  2. e j says:

    I did not make it to Donnie and Ledisi, and I’m a huge fan of Donnie. I’m hoping I can find him sometime this weekend. He’s such a cool guy.
    As for White Heat, I’m sure we’ll have much information. My computer is on the party main level – I just have to remember to type as i host….

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