no moolah

If you were worried ’bout where
I been or who I saw or
what club I went to with my homies
baby don’t worry you know that you got me

You Got Me, The Roots f/ [Eve &] Erykah Badu, ‘Things Fall Apart’
I ain’t got no money today or tomorrow…no dollarz, no moolah, no duckets, no dinero. I could explain what happened, but it would take too long. All the bills are paid, but I’z one broke human.
I need to learn how to keep my head up. I haven’t been broke in quite a while, and it’s been killing me. All of my savings have been depleted because of some glitches which resulted in non-receipt of disability checks. These glitches total close to 4 months. It was merely annoying not getting any income for a while, but now it’s getting tragic.
I remember once upon a time when I didn’t have a phone, there was really no furniture to speak of, and I was continuously broke. It was fun then, but you know…it ain’t fun no’ mo’. I could sell my body but you know, I need more than just nickels and dimes. I could sell dinners, but I don’t think selling hot dogs is going to pay bills. I could clean houses, but…oh no, you don’t want me to do that…and, well, I’m sure you get the picture.
But hey, if you’re reading this, I have a question for you- What keeps your head up when you’re broke? I need some new ideas, some new blood, some new challenges- all below $10- while I try to get these annoying things resolved ASAP so I can live a peaceful existence…
Back to it Hook a brotha up, y’all…

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  1. Donald says:
    1. Receiving surprise gifts in the mail! I LOVE that! Can’t wait to do it myself …
    2. Getting lost in the perfect world you’ve created in a life-like video game. Yes, it’s an obsession …
    3. Eating something really decadent.
    4. A good, hard nut. For real, though …
    5. House music. Works every time.
  2. lisa says:

    1) second-run movie theaters! i’m not sure how it is in atlanta, but here? between 50 cents and $1.50 to get in and $1 hot dogs. (sneak in your own soda and candy if you like.) possible downsides are: a) decidedly less comfortable seats, and b) if you regularly see a lot of first-run movies, you may have already seen everything.
    2) hit up your library for books, dvds, and (yes, even) videos.
    3) go to your local humane society (or a pet store) and play with the puppies and kittens. they’re cute and will make you smile, but you don’t have to feed, walk, or clean up after them…OR take them home.
    4) go on a $10 shopping spree at a discount store for kitchen gadgets, office supplies, toiletry items, or candy. (this weekly ritual kept me sane for 6 months when i was unemployed and couldn’t really shop.) if you don’t want to keep what you buy, send it to an appropriate friend or family member (e.g., a candy care package to a niece or nephew).
    5) ensure that your wish list link takes your readers directly to YOUR wish list…or tell people what name/e-mail to search for. *grin*

  3. Antonio G says:

    I can’t even offer any good advice on how to keep your head up when your broke … After this week of being broke I have no clue how I did it … After facing the fact that I was indeed broke — I had to do something I have the hardest time doing … I had to reach out for helping. It’s amazing what people will do for you when your in your time of need. On Thursday of last week I was on E and without any funds — I went out on Friday and Saturday night, purchased drinks at the bar, and I’ve eaten out every night of the week except last night … I cooked.
    Wait … I think I can come up with some ideas that cost below $10 dollars …
    a) Take friends up on dinner dates.
    b) Check around the house for spare change
    c) Return things
    d) Read a book or jam to some music
    Lisa and Donald had some helpful tips …

  4. nappi says:

    1. going to a bookstore w/ comfy chairs, a coffee shop and/or room to hide, since my broke ass ain’t buying anything. picking out about 10 books and magazines, getting a glass of water and reading. preferably travel magazines or a book of poetry or essays.
    2. go thru my cds and look for the ones i don’t listen to. find the nearest cd resale shop, and pray i get at least $15.00 back to go see a cheap movie a la lisa.
    3. if my cable is still on, i watch tv and take intermittent naps.

  5. livingnappy says:

    If your puppy is better, I would take her for a walk somewhere really pretty.
    Second the trip to the library. Go to a really good branch, so you don’t get discouraged looking for books you want and not being able to find them. At the library, read the most current of your favorite magazines, if the commercialism of the ads doesn’t get you down.
    Go to the house of friends and family and eat the good stuff in their refrigerator.
    Bake cookies.
    Don’t race around or do anything franctic, because it contributes to the stress of being broke.

  6. Michelle says:

    1. I agree with the others. A visit to the book store is essential. Look at all the books and magazines that you can possibly find. It’s good entertainment and free.
    2. Again with teh others, go to the library. The library here in Louisville has video and DVD checkouts that work just like books. Often times the films are older but that’s ok. My girl and I watched all kinds of Hitchcock and classic movies while we poor during our move in January. I’m sure the library in Atlanta has something like that as well.
    3. Take Anna for a long walk and meet some of the other “puppy people” in your neighborhood.
    That’s really all I can think of right now. I feel for you though. I hate being broke. It is no fun.

  7. lisa says:

    to elaborate on the library thing for a minute…folks have mentioned that what you want may be already checked out. again, i don’t know what atlanta has to offer, but here, (with the number from my library card and a password), i can go to the library’s web site, reserve materials, and request that they be sent to the branch nearest our house (which is also where i can return it). so i can get my hands on virtually any book or movie in the entire metropolitan library system. if stuff is in demand, it may take awhile…but it’s usually not too bad. the longest i’ve had to wait was a few weeks, but that was for the entire second season of the sopranos, so it was worth it. 🙂

  8. wood says:

    I am broke myself at the moment. I totally agree with Lisa and Donald. Thanks for the tips.
    1. Can you play cards? People can play spades or Bid for hours.
    2. Invite friends over for a movie, we can talk about nothing for hours, and just catch up.
    3. My friend spends the weekend watching Emeril on the food channel, and likes to cook. Come get a plate. It’s cheeper to cook and buy a bottle, than to spend almost $200 on a lunch. Those days are long gone.

  9. e j says:

    Everybody, thanks for all of the tips. I’ll be blogging on Saturday and Sunday as I do some of these things.
    I also noticed that the library was the most mentioned thing in the blogs. Seeing as I live less than a mile away from a library branch you’d think I would have been to it by now. *sheepish grin*

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