matin de samedi

No time to hesitate…we must communicate!
Call Me, Go West, ‘Go West’
Saturday Morning…
I had one of those weeks where I deserved a Friday off (okay, technically, I’m not working, but just humor me, okay) and I can just do what I want to do. So I did two things yesterday:
– Went to work at 9:30AM and got my work PC fixed (yeah, yeah, I’m on disability – but I still have to go to work every once in awhile – you know, show my face so that I can scare the hang out with the people I work with);
– Watched Anna get destitched (removal of stitches in her feet) from being dewclawed. Yes, they removed all of the stitches from Anna’s dewclawing and as such, she’s one happy puppy. So happy, as a matter of fact, her motto seems to be, ‘If I jump to it, it’s mine’. I am going to get a digital camera for these things as soon as I possibly can. It’s beginning to drive me fairly insane;
– Prepare to purchase some CDs. Yes, I’m still strapped for cash, but I managed to find some money to pay some bills and purchase some CDs here and there. I had intended on purchasing as many as 10, but because of dinero deficiencies, I’m going to only purchase two. My list of 2? Glad you asked…

1. Verve Remixed Monique liked it.
2. Boulevard – New Version – Complete Series – both Jason and Monique thought it was cool.
These two will keep me sane for awhile and really made my day on Friday (big ups to both). Jason and George also have three other CDs which they’ve purchased and recommended, but those three will come in time.
I plan on watching Amelie since it seems to be one of the faves from everyone around.
I definitely want a green apple martini, some good food, and to be able to clear my mind. Money’s coming next week….I can just feel it….so much, I feel myself getting sore. The last thing I need is to be broke going into the month of September. Must think warm thoughts
There’s something about Maysa releasing ‘Friendly Pressure’. As much as I love Maysa (I’ll drink her bathwater), her remake inspired me to put Jhelisa back in and soak Galactica Rush back into my life.
I was watching MTV2 Hip Hop and I saw an Eminem video for the track Cleanin’ Out My Closet. I liked it and I think I wanna get the CD. I know he can be homophobic, but why am I always liking the tunes (Dre being a major producer is always a guarantee to having good beats), always liking the videos, and of course, believing he has one of the best rapping abilities out there? Have I gone insane?
I also got to listen to Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth’s rap joint I’ll Take You There and Rob Base and D.J. EZ Rock’s cut It Takes Two. Suffice it to say I’ll be jammin’ those joints.
And yes, my life has been pretty topsy-turvy the last few days. Although I’m still feeling completely out-of-place and still chomping at the bit to make life better than it seems to be going right now, here’s one photo for the masses from Oaktown in 1998:

I’m sure you know these two gentlemen, don’t you?
Back at it Have a great weekend, y’all…

5 comments on “matin de samedi

  1. mo says:

    I hope you enjoy the cds. I’m just getting Boulevard. I liked it in the store. Amazon says my order has already shipped too. It should be here by Tuesday I’m sure. I’m enjoying all this good music everyone is talking about!

  2. lisa says:

    i know what you mean about em. i have yet to buy his music, but i seem to always want to. it’s all the things you say…plus, i have to respect that he says what he thinks…i.e., what a whole helluva lot of others are thinking, too, but are unwilling to say. also, i think he was totally singled out by glaad, et al…they ought to be spending as much time examining why it took a white rapper’s homophobic lyrics to get their attention.

  3. lisa says:

    oh, and…y’all are too cute. :^)

  4. Cher says:

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Been busy. Although I can’t prove it, I do have a life. Anyway, just wanted to catch up and let you know I’m thinking of you always. While I’m here, I’d also like to say . . . SMILE! You have a gorgeous smile, but no one would ever know from your pix. Tryin’ ta be hard! Nice pic anyway. Two cuties. I want one, too! Later – Cher

  5. Antonio G says:

    Dang, I’m sittin’ here lookin’ at the picture of you two and I swear Mike looks like someone famous — The only problem … I can’t think of who.

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