i be me

Can’t let you in, no I can’t let you in,
Cause nightime’s on my own…

Nightimes, Santessa, ‘Delirium’
I am so out of my mind. I have been in and out of sleep (mostly in), and rediscovering love (which is always a journey). Because of this, I’ve missed Lynne’s reflections on love, and monique’s reflections on…well, everything.
I’m also running out of money, but running into Amerie and Maysa.
In reading some of the postings about….well, posting, I’ve done a lot of thinking. Here are a couple of thoughts.
1) I think a lot, but I don’t write fast enough to fully express them. If I could write my thoughts down faster, the better I would feel about expressing myself. I’m getting there but I have a long way to go.
2) I love birthdays. Therefore, I give gifts, particularly when I see a wish list. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I need a gift myself… a happy birthday will do.
3) I’m more out in the open about who I am. Being more specific, I don’t hide who I am. There has been so much that has gone on with me in the more recent past, that it’s caused me to be more open, to constantly strive to improve myself. It’s also made me push past the part of me that feels abandoned and to move forward into the future instead of always looking backward into the past.
4) I’m a listener. I may not say much, but I hear, absorb, and reflect. It’s important to have self-visualizations and self-realizations, but I find it enlightening to see other people’s opinions and be exposed to other realities in this world.
5) I read posts because I enjoy them. I like different perspectives on what people have to say. I may not comment on them because I’m constantly learning, but I’m reading. Yes, I’m reading.
In short, I love life. I love love. I love me.
Why am I saying this? Because sometimes in my life, I find it important to make a statement. It doesn’t have to be enlightening, it doesn’t have to be thought provoking, it doesn’t have to be the funniest thing out there.
But it does have to be me.
Back to it, y’all.

9 comments on “i be me

  1. Whether you know it or not, this post is enlightening and thought provoking. Good stuff.
    BTW, have you heard Santessa’s latest? (He says, to get back at not being informed of Maysa’s new CD) *grumble* *grumble*

  2. monique says:

    why don’t you have a wishlist? or am i missing it?

  3. e j says:

    My bad, monique. I will place that link on my website near the top.
    And thanks, j.brotherlove. That means a lot. Didn’t expect it to be. Sometimes I just need to put myself out there. And where is your wish list?!

  4. Antonio G says:

    Funny that you mention Maysa — I was just at Amoeba Records over the weekend and I stumbled across a Used Maysa CD “”Maysa,” for 2.95. I think I’m addicted to Amoeba … I walked out this pass weekend with Donnie’s “Excerpts from The Colored Section,” and Carl Hancock Rux’s “Rux Revue,” CD — I’ll have to pick up Amerie’s latest CD and see what the fuss is about.
    You post put a smile on my face …
    In short, I love life. I love love. I love me.” — Co-Sign!

  5. My wishlist is (apparently buried) on my colophon page. Maybe I should move it?

  6. e j says:

    I don’t see a wishlist there. I do, however, see an absolutely great autobiography there *grumble* grumble*. I definitely need to update mine.

  7. monique says:

    I don’t even have an about page. I’m lazy. I need one though.

  8. Antonio G says:

    I had a wishlist on Amazon.com — but as you can tell on my page I don’t have links anywhere.

  9. wood says:

    It was a good post, just write what you feel. If it is an honest expression of yourself it can stand alone.
    I also got Maysa’s new cd called “Out of the Blue” Its classic Maysa. Amerie is ok, but only 2 or 3 songs stand out.

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