all koop’d up

You say our job is done, the battle is won,
But we’ve only just begun…

– Waltz for Koop, Koop f/ Cecilia Stalin, ‘Waltz For Koop
So far this week, the score is Level of Effort: 10, Actual Effect: 0.
Anna got spaded on Monday. Ironically, that’s not what depresses her. It’s the declawing. Her removal of hindclaws requires bandages, which then in turn results in irritation. Her response? Just bite the bandages off and all will go away. Big no-no. Dissaprovals from anyone lead to her looking out of one eye and ignoring it all. Our solution? The Anna Muzzle. Ms. Beaverhausen now has a muzzle on and is severely depressed. Anna claws, scrapes, and whines, and when all of that fails to get rid of the muzzle, she goes and hides under the bed, where she stays 22 out of the 24 hours every day.
So while j.brotherlove is sometimes blue and Prime is having the time of his life – not! – I am in the bedroom, constantly maintaining her while the others are doing their thang. Hopefully she’ll be rescued soon; otherwise, I just may go insane. What a way to bring August in, huh?

And to make things worse, I have a cousin that has a brain tumor, which may prompt me to go to southern Alabama. Oy vey. I am really, really torn up about it, more than I care to show. Sometimes I sit in semi-paralysis, waiting for everything to be okay.
Koop via Jason rules, this much is certain. Add Lynne and Monique to the mix, and all I can say is….what took me so long?
With Jazznova and Aquanote on the way, who says life isn’t beautiful?
A little humor to this otherwise funky day let me know just Who I Am:

I'm just a corpse!

I’m a corpse, who are you? Six Feet Under Quiz by Turi.
Any plans to see XXX this weekend, anyone? I got so bent outta shape watching Signs this past weekend, I’ll be glad to go see it again with anyone. It was just that good.
Back at it, y’all…

3 comments on “all koop’d up

  1. Jason says:

    Hey….EJ don’t take all my suggestions…eventually, I’ll be wrong and then what will you think of me?
    Sorry about the funkiness of the world today. My dog has the opposite problem. Nails way too long and he won’t let anybody cut them. Its becoming a big hassle.

  2. Michelle says:

    Can I ask why you had to declaw her? Did she dig and scratch a lot? I’ve just never heard of anyone declawing their dog before. You all are quite lucky if she’s dealing well with the spaying though. When we had our little fixed we had supreme guilt because she was sore for a few days and she just laid around being depressed. We felt like bad puppy parents. However it is so much healthier for them in the long run so as her mood improved our guilt lessened. Good luck to you with Anna.

  3. e j says:

    Sorry Michelle – I posted a new entry. I was without a phone the past couple of days (grrr…..) but I changed declawing to dewclawing. Sorry for the confusion.

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