Since there was you / I changed my mind about it all / Instead of going on / I’m gonna settle for the fall
At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up), Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Ask Rufus
My brain has just had a primordial ooze.
If you want to see intellectual blogs, come back later.
My birthday is next Tuesday (July 16th). Happy birthdays are enough for me, and I would gladly appreciate them. If you wish to buy a gift, you can certainly check out the wish list and purchase if you like. Dowhachulike.
So yeah, I finally did this TrackBack thing. Not without spazzing out on 404 errors and being completely lost. I was then reminded that I should do some Unix administration things to find this problem. After having said all that, I’m happy.
And then the stomachaches started. That was nice and irritating for the last 2 days. When I stopped drinking chocolate and strawberry milk, it all ended. Crappity crappity crap crap crap. I hate when that happens.
There’s a monster outside my room. Can I have a glass of water? is spoken by a little girl in a scene from Signs. And although Mel Gibson is the star of this movie, why do I not have a desire to see it? Is it because I’m so used to seeing Mel in Lethal Weapons 1 through 4 that I think Signs is probably one of those mistaken films? Although I have heard of people wanting to see it, unfortunately I’m not one of them.

And if we want to talk about more mistaken films, let’s talk about Men In Black II. Then again, let’s not. You would think that it was as funny as the last one. It’s not. I was glad that it was a matinee movie. I guess I should really not say anything, since Boom and I are planning on going to see Powerpuff Girls early tomorrow afternoon.
Before you start throwing rocks at me, hear me out.
I know I shouldn’t like the Powerpuff Girls, but the series appeals to me. Sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they have some really good evil characters. The mayor and his assistant are pretty funny to me. And of course, who could forget about Mojo Jojo? I’m loving it. C’mon now, there have got to be Powerpuff fans out there besides ourselves….
Back to Anna for a second here. As you know (or don’t know), Anna is our official beagle here at DIC. Prime and I have long recognized that Anna needs more housetraining. Every so often she will decide to do her own thing. One of those is to go to the basement, near my office, and relieve herself. Prime decided that I should really read some of the articles posted about training puppies.
So I read some of House Training Your Puppy by George Jones, but not without applying myself to the situations in the document. An example:
e j (12:24:26 AM): 2. As e j starts to relieve himself; calmly praise him. Use a chosen word or phrase (good potty or wonderful potty). This phrase will only be used for praise in going potty.
Prime (12:24:54 AM): what do I do when e j ignores my praise, and goes potty on the bed ?
e j (12:28:37 AM): Oh, that’s easy. Clean the mess with a deodorizing or odor killing cleanser. If e j smells his own scent as having been used as a bathroom area, he will continue to use the area. If you are not able to eliminate enough of the scent so that e j can not detect it, you can help mask the scent over with vanilla extract. Just one or two drops will make it impossible for e j to smell any lingering odor.
I wanted to say a lot about The Real World final episode, but it overwhelmed me. I really thought it was actually pretty good. Maybe if I start looking at the episode again can I make a good statement. For now, I’ll look for other people’s take on it.
Oh, and I recognize that there are people who really like Two Wrongs by Wyclef Jean and Claudette Ortiz from City High. Don’t count me as one of those people. Sounds like two people moaning in pain to guitar tracks. Pay me, I can do that too.

6 comments on “ooze

  1. Donald says:

    Wonderful potty, Buttercup! *grin!* *flees!*

  2. Jason says:

    you’re not alone with the PPG. I’m sure I’ll be seeing it this week sometime.
    I also want to see signs…more because its M. Night Shmyalan(sp?) than anything. Love that cat’s work.
    And I’ve just given up on my dog ever really understanding me. Bailey’s just my disgruntled roommate that thinks I make too much noise and won’t let me cut his toe nails.

  3. Antonio g says:

    I actually think the song with Wyclef and Claudette would have been a good song … minus Wyclef. His voice sounds horrible … That’s it … I need to get in the studio and produce a track. The world wouldn’t be ready for this horrible voice of mine … and I bet I could probably take home a couple of awards.

  4. Mike says:

    Can I say I told ya? (about the chocolate and strawberry milk).
    PPG – I’ll pass; no Mojo Dojo for me unless I’m slightly inebriated. Signs, guess I’ll have to find a date to go see it with me. * sniff sniff * LOL

  5. Michelle Gant says:

    Okay Eric…I was tortured by the PPG’s with your little cousins during my stay in Florida…a word to the wise eat lots of popcorn and drink tons of caffeine..that will make for a more interesting movie.

  6. George says:

    You know, it’s been killin’ me for a while now. But someone said it, so I guess I don’t have to.
    Wyclef shouldn’t sing.

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