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Got so much to give you, I got so much to give you
Got so much to give you, I got so much to give you

Out Of The Storm, Incognito, ‘Beneath The Surface
Geeze, you thought I would have awakened by now. Blame it on the promethazine. At first glance it may look like I have nothing to say, when in reality it’s really that I have a lot to say, only to forget what they were when I wake up.
After proclaiming that I need to get out of the house, that I just can’t take it anymore, I decided to go to New York. I have now changed my mind. I don’t know where in the heck I wanna go. I do know that it’s someplace where Anna doesn’t lick my laptop. Oy vey.
I was cleaning out my old mail (1000+ messages) when I kept noticing emails smacking of manipulation, mail who had links to people trying to get their freaks on in the worst way), and comedic Japanese featuring the N-word (as shown to us by J’s post from awhile ago). I could either be insane or a freak. You decide.
I was totally turned on by The Wire but perplexed about Sex In The City (Jason pretty much sums it up in one nice piece).
Back to it, y’all…..

2 comments on “little bits here, little bits there

  1. Just to clarify… that crazy ass link came from a comment from Lloyd (who’s on summer vacation).
    I understand why you and Jason (and others) are getting wary of Sex And The City. It’s common with any series that’s been on the air more than three years (look at Ally McBeal, and you still watched that). But, for a single non-heterosexual man with good fashion sense and a taste for top shelf liquor, it reflects, illuminates, and causes bouts of knee-slapping.
    Now… I just cannot watch the Wire. I just cannot watch another show combining black people, drugs, gangs, the police and the ghetto. I just cannot.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m sort of with J about both Sex and the City and The Wire. Even though I admit that SATC has been less than it once was this year, I can’t stop watching. It still pulls me in. The Wire is a well written show but it just doesn’t pull me in. I tend to like crime and law shows (Homicide is still one of my all time favorites) but this one just doesn’t really turn me on. Although I usually end up seeing it because HBO re-runs it 42 times during the week.

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