iz m’birfday

My birthday saw its way through today. I’ve gotten:
Star Trek Bridge Commander CD-ROM
Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned (love that book);
True Spirit (2 CD set) from Carleen Anderson;
Mary J. Blige concert in Atlanta happening tonight;
Orange Cake;
Chicken Salad;
Green apple martini, Ledisi, and invites to a concert to see The Roots featuring Jaguar Wright from j.brotherlove (and even some blogchalk!)
I’ve also found myself with:
The Philadelphia Experiment from Jason;
Bach 2 & 3 Part Inventions, A Toda Cuba Le Vista, and Buena Vista Social Club from George;
We Invented The Remix from K-Wood and Popi;
Donna Summer DVD from Boom (as if I couldn’t get enough!!)
The list will expand as the day gets longer, I’m sure.
Also, got hooked up into MusicMatch Internet Radio and have been listening to cuts like:
Advice For The Young At Heart – Tears for Fears
Paradise – Sade
Treasures – Thievery Corporation
More internet radio links would be greatly appreciated. I crave good music.

11 comments on “iz m’birfday

  1. Jason says:

    i’m a big fan of spinner.com and dublab.com

  2. aaron says:

    MJB? Tonight? Damn, that is a good birthday.
    Happy, happy to you, to you.

  3. Antonio G says:

    I agree with Jason — Spinner.com is nice.

  4. nothing of substance…

    a whole lotta nothin…plus some links.

  5. lisa says:

    oh damn…i missed it!! happy belated birthday! :^)

  6. lynne says:

    i don’t know you like that, but a lot of folx i read, read you, so i thought i’d stop by and give you a birthday shout out.

  7. Jason says:

    adding to the internet radio list…you should check out kcrw.com’s music broadcast.

  8. Jason says:

    1 more thing…on that blogchalk link that you are trying to trackback…the trackbacking is actually a 2 part process:
    1. in your post you want to use the actual url to the post you want to send folks to. Then..
    2. you post the trackback url in your movable type posting form where it says “urls to ping”
    That should fix it right up.

  9. e j says:

    Lynne, thanks for that shout out. It’s really great to hear from you, and I am, to say the least, honored. I’ve loved your work for quite some time now.

  10. monique says:

    heh. i’m a day late but happy birthday!

  11. George says:

    First: Happy belated birthday, sir! Much love to you and your loved ones, all day, everyday.
    Second: Cancers roxors!
    Third: I really enjoy being able to swing by the BBC’s Radio One urban page, click on a link and listen to an archived show from the last seven days. My main thing is Gilles Peterson’s “Worldwide” show, but you might dig some others as opportunity permits.

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