funkin’ around with my mind

What you gonna do to stop me this time baby….
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My mind seems to go everywhere but the right way sometimes.
12:00 PM. Noon on the 4th. Picture me. I’m groggy. I won’t move. I can’t move. But I had to wake up. I invited enough people at the house so that they can hang with us without having to go to a rip-roaring party. I manage to crawl out of bed at noon. I guess that was pretty good considering I fell asleep at 7 AM. Boy, do I have sleep issues.
3:00 PM. The party officially started. Around this time, Prime finished cooking the food, I slept soundly, and Anna snored upstairs. We watched Two Can Play That Game while waiting on our people. I phoned my sisters (“Why aren’t you in Panama City with us?! We would have loved to have you on the beach!“). After all of the expended energy, I decide that it’s much easier for me to just relax and wait for the rest.
5:30 PM. There was only one person in the house with us. Wow. I had my Haagen Dazs ice cream, ribs, and wings. I’ve already called my sisters, and with that out of the way, I’m just ready to sleep.
5:45 PM. Then they arrived. TonyA (+ date), Craigles, MM2K, R and D, Englander, JJFP, M&M, and of course Popi. All at the same time. Let the games begin!
6:45 PM. After they’ve gotten through watching the rest of The Opposite of Sex (“Welcome to Maturia; we have much to teach you“), they pile on the food. JJFP insists on a listen to Kelis’ Wanderland, while Anna runs over our feet in an absolute frenzy. We’re interrupted by visitors downstairs who demand that we eat with them.
7:30 PM. We kept everyone amused with Crank Yankers (“Hey, have a quaalude, maam, don’t be a flatliner“), and South Park (“Sea Temple + Sea Men = Sea Ciety“). Meanwhile, my guests kept me nicely amused with Cruzan Coconut Rum. I’m feeling mighty fine right now, and so is MM2K. I’ll have to make sure I can find a nice store containing this beverage. [Casual reminder: my birthday is the 16th (9 days after George’s), so let’s not forget, shall we?]
8:30 PM. Mama called from Virginia Beach, and reminded me to eat her cake. I was a little too, um, taken with the coconut rum and totally forgot. I fought my friends for a slice of cake. I eventually won.
8:45 PM. Everyone was eating cake. R & D had to go home to bed soon because of allergies and the fact that they’ve pretty much demolished the cake. The rest of the company watched In The Flesh while I kept typing, trying to stay awake.
9:45 PM. They’re done watching Crank Yankers and eating cake. I’m considering going to Toronto for the International Film Festival, right after the In The Life Atlanta festivities and other Labor Day Celebrations. This requires permission, more clothes, and more money. So far I’m 0 out of 3.
10:00 PM. Currently, the kids are eating hamburgers, while I’m letting the coconut rum ease itself out of my system. Guess I’d better chill.
Hope y’all had a happy 4th.

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  1. Antonio G says:

    Sounds like your 4th was very eventful …

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