chance to grow

Hold me up / Don’t bring me down / Take all the room / To build this love
Don’t build it up / To tear it down / You plant the seed / In love you’ve found
Everybody needs a chance to grow

Chance To Grow, Wendy and Lisa, ‘Wendy and Lisa’
Quite a few things happening this weekend. Or not. Depends on how you look at them. It’s really a shame when I can go out in hot weather and I’m not bothered by it anymore. I don’t sweat and there’s no danger of heatstroke these days. There used to be a time when there was too much energy expended and I overheated. Perhaps being lazy these days prevents me from becoming a heatstroke victim in front of my house. Yet another excuse to lay around the house and do nothing. I could get used to it.
Real quick update on the small events this weekend: I relaxed and checked out the gifts I received, all while watching Jackie’s Back for the fourth (fifth? sixth?) time. I found it to be hilariously funny, as usual, but I did detect a slight overdose this time. I was supposed to be going to the Black Arts Festival happening here this weekend. I was also supposed to sleep and rest up. Guess which one won? The biggest thing that I did this weekend was go to Scalini’s and have lots of Italian food. No matter what people say, I’ll sell myself to go to that place.
Oh, and I visited my sister’s house, which included Mama. I endured the guilt trip and got lots of great food.

I’m still waiting on myself to get a disability check. Haven’t gotten one in three months. It’s the most annoying thing, I swear. It’s getting way past the irritation of not getting money when I’m supposed to; it’s now getting to the point that if I’ve been “disabled” because of a brain seizure, then shouldn’t there be some money that comes my way? It should not mean waiting three months until I get some type of payment. Things have just got to get better. This makes no freakin’ sense.
I know, I know, I digress.
Anzi and I spent a lot of time talking back and forth in IM. He was not placed on the birthday thank-you’s, which of course was in error and definitely my fault. It made me realize why I had so many good friends – even if I slip up, they managed to whip me back into shape. My hardass attitude was forgiven, and we talked about the two Matrix sequels coming out soon.
The death of Aaliyah affected me because not only did it signal the untimely death of an R&B (and arguably Pop) princess, but her actressing work in Queen of the Damned and The Matrix sequels came to an unfortunate end. Queen of the Damned had finished filming, so her death didn’t affect the movie’s release. However, since The Matrix sequels were still in prerelease at the time, scenes with which she was to take an active role in had to replace her portrayal of one of the characters to be by an actress other than herself. (I’m sure you’ve heard all of this already, right?)
I managed to check out the official trailer for The Matrix sequels. Anzi also sent me to Marcus Chong’s website, which is trying to boycott his role as Tank in The Matrix to be played as someone else. I’m all for boycotting this role. After all, Marcus Chong is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Oh yeah, he’s a good actor too. Yeah, that’s it.
Tonight’s Tidbits: Can anyone tell me why 30 Seconds To Fame was even on television tonight? I didn’t quite get it. Good thing The Wire comes on tonight…I’m loving listening to the online stations Jason & George contributed to and CD’s that a multitude of people graced me with, but I’m also diggin’ some peach cobbler given to me by Mama…awaiting his website (yes, there is history – I’m sure he’ll tell it soon).
Back to it, y’all…

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  1. lynne says:

    who is “he?” who is unspoken truth? quite curious.

  2. Antonio G says:

    Co-Sign Lynne — I clicked on the link and got “unspoken truth,” ~soon … I hate waiting.

  3. e j says:

    Unfortunately, they have me waiting too. I’ve been trying to rush it to release, but you know how it is…

  4. kc anderson says:

    I’m 14 years old an i am dying to act. i want to start my life early so i am mutally financed, because i am not going to rely to much on my family. i have just latly been inspired by nicole kidman i am a big fan an i cry everytime i see the end of moulin rouge! i know that when i watch movies i will watch them over and over agian an i wish sometimes i were in them i like the feeling an love that is spread in them. please full fill my dream of becoming an actress!

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