baker’s dozen

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Perfect Day, Kelis f/ No Doubt
The past couple of days have been really eventful. As such, I haven’t posted any entries. I have been busy doing some cool stuff, like:
1. Purchase, ship, and listen to Kelis’ new album Wanderworld (Thanks, Jason).
2. Almost finish with my review of Raphael Saadiq’s new CD, Instant Vintage.
3. Watch the latest episode of The Wire. HBO plans on showing reruns of it on July 6th, so I should be ready.
4. Read some of George’s “Obligatory name-game entry”.
5. [Attempted an] Installation of Movable Type 2.21.
6. Have a nice anniversary dinner. That was so cool.
7. Saw Mama and Junior off to Virginia Beach.
8. Attempted to sit through Memento. Failed twice.
9. Sat through How High. (Ok, I admit, I did like some of it.)
10. Got myself wet with Cecily.
11. Skipped rocks with Anitra.
12. Sauntered over to Lisa.
13. Still trying to figure out who Chikithia is!!
As such, life has been extra cool. This is shaping to be one of the best parts of my life. Back at it…..

7 comments on “baker’s dozen

  1. Antonio G says:

    I took me a couple of times to get through “Memento,” … I finally got through it.

  2. e j says:

    Really? How was it?

  3. Antonio G says:

    Once you finally get to the end/beginning of the movie you realize that the main character can’t remember anything even though he write close to everything on his body. I don’t want to give away the plot of the movie … But if you can get pass the first 45 minutes of the movies — You’ll enjoy it.

  4. Jason says:

    It was one of my favorite films of last year (along with The Royal Tenenbaums and The Lord of the Rings).
    I found it incredibly enjoyable if only because at the end you still don’t know the truth.

  5. Jason says:

    oh, and a note about the Kelis Wanderland album…
    it had been released in the US for about a month before it was pulled from the shelves. Apparently the Label wasn’t happy with the album and the Neptunes and Kelis are back in the studio tweaking tracks for a release later this year.
    It boggles my mind because I think the album is wonderful.

  6. e j says:

    You would think that she’s already taken all this time from the last album and now she’s gotta take even longer? Oh come on! And yes, Wanderworld is absolutely great. My faves are Flash Back, Scared Money and Perfect Day.
    And now I’m watching Macy’s Spectacular 4th of July, and Britney Spears and Pharell Williams are singing together?!
    I really should go to bed…..

  7. lisa says:

    i LOVE the wire. it makes waiting for the new season of the sopranos bearable. hbo does the series thing really well.
    i struggled thru memento, too. i was tired that nite….maybe i should try again when i’m more alert.
    saunter over anytime. :^)

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