Don’t wanna get wet until the rain begins…
– Friendly Pressure, Jhelisa, Galactica Rush
I have so much I want to type, but I’ve been so busy listening to music, reading, looking toward travelling, reasserting myself as somewhat of a national ambassador, television, eating, and typing incessantly, that its going to take a little while. And I refuse, absolutely refuse, to be shocked and upset about layoffs happening at my employer.
This has been a great eye opening birthday. I’ll keep all of the gifts in the blog below so that everyone is kept abreast about what came in.
I also want to give my comment about Tweet and Mary J. Blige, and I will if I can do it in the next couple of days. For now though, I’m sure that Prime had his say.
But today is my day for thank-you’s from all the people who made me feel good today- make that every day.

I am absolutely, positively astonished, thankful, and I have a tremendous smile on my face. You people don’t know how much you mean to me.
Without further ado, I present the Grand Bloggers:
Prime (No need for words here. If you don’t know him by now, now you do);
J.Brotherlove (We’ve known each other half our lives. Best bud all the way around. Nuff said);
Jason (Trackback helper, a blog man, and an all around humourous feel good guy. Absolute coolness);
Anzi (*Hug* *Squeeze* *Dap* And he was unintentionally left out, and I’m extremely sorry. I’ve known this man for so long, his fierceness, love, spirit, wishes, capabilities are all rolled up into one);
George (Who hooked us up to Rephah Berg’s win of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, but then again, there’s always lots of interesting and thought provoking stuff in his entries, and yes, he does indeed rule, being a Cancer and all);
Lisa (With hookups to Meshell, great IM sessions, and that effervescent esoteric soul);
Antonio G. (Man with a soul, with a voice, and musically inclined. Wow);
Aaron (I’m reading, reading, reading. He’s got magic among the mundane. I am sure there’s a lot more there. I’m catching up);
Lynne (I’ve been such an admirer of her for a while. Had no idea she was on the web. Life just gets better and better);
Monique (She’s going on vacation and she’s got a birthday coming up. She’s out there);
Ronn (Has a lot to say and a great sense of humor. I’m making a point to go visit him);
To the list of readers:
Starbase 74 (Hailing frequencies open), ‘Chelle (My internet surfing cousin…I’m watching you), Mr. K. Wood (I see blogging in your future), Dddan (talk about a blast from the past…here’s to the future), Cherry (you said you’d have my babies…where they at?), Popi (Aye!), and many more which I forgot to mention.
Watch for me and I’ll watch for y’all. Bet.

3 comments on “35.001

  1. monique says:

    ej! thanks for the birthday shout!

  2. Antonio G says:

    (Man with a soul, with a voice, and musically inclined. Wow)
    That’s H O T … Thank You EJ!

  3. Jason says:

    I’m not real good at the taking compliments thang but “absolute coolness” yeah…I dig that.

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