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Props to WhiteChick here:
See….I’ve visited your web page again 🙂 No entries for the 14th and no mention of the annoying white chick that came to visit?? I guess that’s a good thing 🙂 (Don’t mind me – I’m just giving you a hard time and probably failing miserably…….)
It’s all about love for WhiteChick. Even if she did go to Des Moines for fun and excitement. WhiteChick, I’m glad you went, but I’m sure you’ll understand if I go someplace else for vacation….Des Moines…fun and excitement…. sorry, they just don’t connect with me. Maybe when I’m retired. Or insane. Whichever comes first.
Alright, I know we had some rough times with the last song. Nobody wanted to touch it. So let’s get this out of the way:
Your imagination
It seems you’re letting it run away
Tell me, have I ever dissed you?
And if I did, it’s because you deserved it….

I would never leave you
Unless you gave me a reason to
Until then, I’m gonna love you, and stick by you
You don’t have to worry…..

That was none other than Angela Winbush, with her slammin’ little song “Treat U Rite”. No one got it right, so I figure I’d try a new approach…this time with three songs. One old, one rap, and one new. Let’s see how this shakes itself out. Here we go.
Now let’s try 3 songs, each from a different style of music.
Song #1 (Old School):
[1]: 12:45…
[2]: Headed for the subway home
[1]: I took my time…
[2]: ‘Cause I felt so all alone
[1]: Not far away…
[2]: I heard a funny sound, took a look around and I…
[1]: Could see her face
[2]: Smiled as she came, calling out my name, so I…
[3]: Know where to go, we’ll take it slow, guess I’ll call it a day….

Song #2 (Rap):
We know what you go through, sometimes we put you down
People treat you cold and they know you sleep around
We never want to disrespect you and I’ll never tell anyone in town
But if you love me then I’ll love you back, I asking if you’re down

Song #3 (Pop):
If you give me half a chance
I’ll prove this to you
I will be patient, kind, faithful and true
To a man who loves music
A man who loves art
Respects the spirit world
And thinks with his heart

Got them? Good. I figure you would get at least one. You can always email me, or post. Either one works.
I just stepped all over plastic chair mats. They were all upside down, with nice carpet spikes. Now my feet are all sore. Nice. Guess it’s a substitute for not being able to walk over hot coals.
Had a nice discussion with Prime. It comes down to being sensitive, yet non-romantic. While I could be upset about this eval, I’m not. Because it’s true, damnit.
Romance to me isn’t necessarily flowers. It’s a bowl of ice cream while watching movies, like Training Day. It’s rubbing your boo on the head and pausing to turn the channel to Star Trek- TNG.
Y’all feel me?
Last night has been much better than the adventures of today. Among the inhalations of Antonio G and Lloyd R. Belthazar, I got to check out thatbitch. Wow. After all the reading I did, I felt enlightened.
Today is cool, if a bit strained. The household is a little on the easygoing side. Fine by me. I need more sleep anyway. Kinda on the stomachache side. I hate when that happens.
Last night, went to go see Minority Report. Of course, after seeing The Bourne Identity and Murder By Numbers and consequently nonplussed, I was really hoping Minority would pull the punches. Well, it did. Despite my snooze zone (sleeping off 15 minutes of it was embarassing), I thought it was superb.
While there were a lot of special effects in this movie, they turned out to be nicely done. I was very impressed about how the special effects were so well done and fitted in with the characters. I was impressed by Anderton (Tom Cruise) who did a superb job of portraying a high-level officer who made pre-crime believable and was top-notch with the acting he displayed when trying to solve the mystery and prove his innocence. I was even surprised by the rest of the characters, who were so nicely woven, that everyone was important this go-round.
I’m going to go see it again. Bet. I suggest if you haven’t seen it, you’d better go. Quickly.
Oh, and we went to dinner with Popi, JJFAD, MM2K, and BlackTopHero. Had a blast. Miss hangin’ with the guys.
Uh oh, gotta go. Been kinda pressing today. Stomach hurts. Brain awry. I’ll get it together though. {jBrotherlove – the love is still there, even when I act late.}

3 comments on “whitechick / “minority” rules

  1. Antonio G says:

    Rap – Digital Underground | “Kiss You Back” | Album: Sons Of The P
    Pop – India.Arie | “Ready For Love” | Album: Acoustic Soul
    Pop … That’s funny … Isn’t she suppose to be classified under the “Neo-Soul,” category with the likes of Erykah Badu, Maxwell, D’Angelo, Glen Lewis, Donnie, Angie Stone, along with the rest of them?
    Those were actually too easy …

  2. Mike says:

    #1 (old school) Games People Play Spinners?
    #2 (Rap) HomeBoys Digitial Underground – Kiss You Back
    #3 (pop -NOT!!!!!) India Arie – Ready For Love. And I agree with Antonio that she is supposed to be under Neo Soul which is why she got knocked out the box by Alecia Key’s – – Neo Soul gets no love on the awards shows.

  3. I guess I don’t listen to lyrics as closely as I used to… And EJ, a couple hours of your “lateness” can’t erase 17 years of friendship. Is that mushy enough for you?

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