which way is up?

What a freaky evening. No, what a freaky day.
I am shaken awake by Prime. I look up, disoriented, and he says: It’s time for the meeting. I look around, and there are these people that I already know, and I’m told that it’s the ITLA meeting, and it starts at 8, and that I was so peacefully asleep he didn’t want to wake me. The meeting starts in 2 minutes. In the same room I’m in. On the same couch I’m on.
This lateness will be classified as Late Encounter Of The Month. I’m all groggy, better not breathe near anyone, and I’d rather be in my bed instead of in the family room trying to stay awake. And then it happens. My request for a hiatus on the Board until the winter solstice is voted on and granted, allowing me to go back upstairs and come back in December. During their vote, I’m sure someone cast a spell that made me sleep for two more hours and wake up hungry.
I ain’t eat all day. What kinda mess is this? Trying to call down there and get someone’s attention without me actually having to go down there isn’t working. Guess I’ll type till I drop. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy? Me, Anna, and Cast Away. How apropos.
Okay, how was that for drama? Wey u sho. Sho sho.
I got Mama and Junior tickets to Virginia Beach around the 4th. Only took us two hours to find the place to get their tickets, drive up and down downtown, and eat two nuggets at McDonalds (Mama ate everything else). Next week I’ll be at home while they travel and have themselves a ball.
I’m gonna start listening to Instant Vintage so I can get that review out. Better late than never, right? (I’m looking for some support here).
Well, after eating chicken and hot sauce at midnight, and watching Prime fall asleep, I’m realizing I’m the late night watcher. I should find something better to do. I should be more proactive with these organizations I’m involved in instead of sleeping all the time. I should be more tenacious technically instead of surfing all the time.
Woulda coulda shoulda. Definitely some things to work on. Tomorrow. But for now, I’ll just be happy laying in the bed watching Richard Pryor, emailing friends, and updating/surfing the web.
Ain’t life grand?

3 comments on “which way is up?

  1. Damn, my baby need to learn a few aspects from your man. I’m serious. Try bein in my position one day and you not gonna like handlin a damn b-boy.
    Yes. B-boys still exists.
    So you have not eaten anything lately? Tsk. You know what though.. I don’t get this one.
    When some people dont eat nothing for breakfast right? and they dont have food and energy to get them through the day.. and they come home and HOG on dinners.. and they dont use that energy and end up goin to sleep.
    Why is that?
    I think that’s what they call “Big American Dinners”.
    “Well, after eating chicken and hot sauce at midnight”

  2. Antonio G says:

    I think Lloyd R. Belthazar may have hit the nail on the head … I don’t think someone is eating healthy.
    Maaaaaan … Someone needs to start cookin’ around the DIC … ASANow! Chicken and Hot Sauce isn’t going to cut it.
    Lloyd — Can we say Prime needs to get up and give up somethin. That’s a RIGHT you[r] entitled to. You can demand it out him, anytime, anyplace and anyway you want baby. WHAT? Where did that come from?

  3. That’s right, gaddammit! Your propers!
    And y’all eat something besides those damned Quaker Chewys and Chocolate Haagen-Dazs! *LOL!*

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