uh, happy fathers day?!

Happy Father’s Day!!! Shoutouts go to:
� The women-daddies in my life: Mama, Diane, Mattie, Big Mama, and Mama Neal. With those five, they fed me, pushed me, pulled me (and my hair, resulting in blowouts), and made me the man I am;
� The Northside daddies in my life: Papa, LGW. Bringing me out was an understatement. Kicking me out was even more monumental (smile);
Lil’ Willie: the granddaddy of them all. Made me proud to wear thick glasses, jump out of maple trees, and almost get hit by cars (red, yellow, green, what does it matter?)
Makes me feel good all over. Ahem. Now for the answer to last week’s quote…you know the one:
Lisa (and) Sharon (and) Vanessa (or) Karen (and)
Patricia (and) Becky (or) Ramona (and)�..

The men in question were no other than Portrait, with the (not so big) hit I Can Call You. Prime was the only one who got it last week. Let’s see how this week turns out.
Oh, and I did put a small autobiographical “all about me” link on your left (check c’est moi if you dare….) Please, let me know what you think.