the day that went !boom!

After my papa left this morning, the day turned into the celebration of Boom turning a nice, big three-o. He had lunch with his aunt and other relatives, slept a lot, and then went with us to D&B, where he ate and drank and played all kinds of games. Let me emphasize the word drank, as our new 30 year old drank enough to make up for me and BQMFB taking it easy. Raise your glasses to Boom! (Just don’t let him take any away….he has any excuse to drink this week!)
The entire day wasn’t the best though. BQMFB and I had to deal with life in general. We’re both recovering, and it hasn’t been easy at all. With BQMFB being released from hospital, we’ve had to deal with the reality of continuing to live a good life. Most of that consists of taking medicine- medicine which aren’t the easiest ones to get used to. During the reflective times that we both had, we recognize that life ain’t getting any easier anytime today. Since I’ve gotten through a lot of the bad times already, and heading toward getting used to life right now, I’ve taken the responsibility of making sure that BQMFB is okay. Considering that I’ve been doing that on and off for the last 12 years though, you would think that it wouldn’t seem very difficult. I recognize that it can be, however, because feeling sorry for myself the past 9 months hasn’t been easy, and unfortunately that time is over.
But hey, life is getting better. Just ask Boom.