the breaks

I’m in Nomad’s room watching The Breaks. Even though Carl Anthony Payne is in it, I feel violated somehow. Let’s move on.
After I discovered (on Saturday) that Prime had plans of going to the banquet, I was incensed. While I could have dealt with watching movies on Sunday, I was jealous. That’s right, jealous. I wanted to meet the mayor too. I checked the website to no avail, and I called. I was assured that I would have a place- although the person on the phone had made indications that Prime and I would not be sitting at the Mayor’s table. No problem. I’m sure I’ll see other people and I can float around the crowd with my tuxedo.
Sunday dressing goes without a hitch. I just knew was lookin’ good, I had my black Payless shoes on, my good Kenneth Cole black tuxedo, my hair was done and my nails were clipped, and I was riding in a Prime GMC (so Klymaxx of me today- don’t hate). I gotta say that it’s the first time I’ve seen Prime in a tux and course, he looked good as hell too.
We head to the lovely Fox Theatre. On our arrival, we check on my name. After they found my name, they told us in so many words that I got in free. FREE?! Surely they’re going to put me at a table in the back near the kitchen. Oh no, on my ticket they wrote “Table 1”. Prime and I exchanged glances, went inside and got our drinks (Prime glass of Chardonnay #1, my Sprite). I look around but I see no-one! We put our silent bids in for a Chastain concert with the wine package (which we won). It’s time to ask yourself: Alicia Keys or Mary J. Blige? Stay tuned.
We wait until the doors open and watch a few of the guests as they saunter (note to self: crimson red leather tux’s with tight sunglasses and a gigantic red hat is not something I should wear; if I ever do, call the police). We run into the Mayor’s people as we sip on drinks (Prime glass of Chardonnay #2, my glass of Chardonnay #1).
The doors finally open (a little too late if you ask me, but I’m just a guest) and we go in to the lovely Egyptian Ballroom to have samples of dinners from Fratelli di Napoli and Wildwood, among others. During this time, Prime goes to the bar again for something to drink during the festival (Prime glass of Chardonnay #3, my glass of Chardonnay #2; I see a pattern here. Perhaps I should stay away from my mother).
Our states of euphoria caused us to win the loud auction of a dinner for six people at our home (four people are easy, the other two are hard; I say we auction those two to people and see which ones are willing to pay the most). The Tonys bored us enough to leave a little early with a couple of, err um, extra bags for our housemates.
All & all, a pretty damned good evening. I took pictures to prove it (look later for the links). Oh, I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t give you these interesting companies we ran into: the restaurateurs Fratelli di Napoli & Wildwood; Carrie White: The Musical; AIDS Survival Project; Shakespeare Tavern; The Atlanta Opera; NonProfits Realtor. There are more to list, but I run short of memory. Blame it on the Chardonnay.