the boring identity

Friday and Saturday were pretty uneventful days but nice. A new laptop found its way to the house and kept me up all day Friday and part of the day Saturday. I owe this all to Popi, who was able to help me purchase a new laptop filled with goodies and XP Professional. We also had a weekend filled with Mr. BQMFB. Prime and I thought it would be nice to go see a movie, and Popi and JJFAD agreed. After I found out that the release date of Minority Report wasn’t until later on this month, I was cajoled into watching The Bourne Identity by Popi and JJFAD. I wasn’t too impressed with the trailers, and seriously thought about skipping the movie. I couldn’t resist the group though, so I pushed away my fears of boredom and went to go see it with the crew.
This movie failed to impress me. I’m a Matt Damon fan for sure, but the whole concept of his amnesia seemed like it could have been interesting and there were some interesting parts of aggression, but I was completely baffled about the ending of the movie. It confused me, and after I was told/realized what had happened, I was disappointed that the movie paced along for 2+ hours, only to leave me aggravated. On to other things. MovableType here I come (again….ugh).