rock me good

First, let me get my anger out.
I’m a board member of four organizations, and although that may sound like a huge amount of work, for the most part it isn’t.
Except for today.
Today I have the responsibility of reviewing organizations and where I am right now, and deciding where I want to be. I’d much rather be in my bed right now, but I have to prepare to make phone calls tomorrow. Grrrrrrr……
Let’s talk about my levels of involvement tomorrow. Once I bring them up, It will enable you to generate an opinion of me which would be either a) “wow, you do so much stuff!” or b) “you, my friend, smoke crack, don’t you?” I personally think I could do more, but then again, I could work out more too (and that’s not happening) so I have some things I need to work on, most notably how to stay awake more. C’est la vie.
Last night was great. Prime orchestrated a great meeting at our home where we had people putting together letters to ask more involvement from organizations and companies. This was the first time in a number of years that I have seen such a successful outpouring of help. This made me very satisfied with the ITLA organization as a group of people that can make changes while still eating Pizza Hut pizza and drinking beer.
Today I’m faced with a couple of things. One is installing Dreamweaver MX which I was able to purchase this afternoon. The second is purchasing another laptop. For reasons too numerous to mention, I’m seeking on getting another one, either from IBM or Dell. Although it sounds like I love spending money, I do it because I feel it’s necessary and then I feel guilty about it. With the installation of Dreamweaver, I will have a very busy weekend. In reflection, after being on the down stroke since September 13th, I’m glad I’m finally realizing how life was just last year. Depression is not my thing.
After my upchucking yesterday morning, I’ve been able to get a lot accomplished. One is sitting in my office, which was great. Oh, wait, maybe I should have done something more important, like listen to my new Ashanti, MeShell, Joni, or Carly CDs. Instead I chose to listen to Timmy Gatling all day (“I want you to Rock Me Good! Baby! Rock Me Good….oh, sorry”) and throw in some Portrait. You would think I would want to expand. And I do. Soon as I finish listening to this Jody Watley (“Your Love Keeps Working On Me”).
Excuse me for this very important (and necessary – and well, spastic) interruption.
My favorite producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis won on Essence. Now what they won, I couldn’t tell you. I feel SO late. Aah, yes, an “Excellence In Music” award. I would be remiss in forgetting to mention their thank-you’s to Clarence Avant (godfather and mentor), Quincy Jones, Janet, and Jam’s wife Lisa Harris, among others. I could go on and on about them, and probably will. It’s okay to tell me to shut up, but it’s more important for you to accept me giving you an evil glare.
(Oh, and while I’m at it, Happy 43rd Birthday, Mr. James “Jam” Harris III. It’s a great day.)
I was also awarded the opportunity to see Roberta Flack and Stevie Wonder. I can see I’ve got a lot of music to listen to tomorrow.
On the detrimental side of things, let’s talk about being involved in organizations which are, at this moment, very debilitating. I am really not comfortable in bringing this up, but I must.
I’m involved in an organization that has no website, has lots of money to perform activities, but not enough to contribute monetary value. I’m very bothered by this. It makes absolutely no sense, especially since I’ve contributed very significant amounts to the organization, only to not receive any sort of “thank-you”s or special consideration. I really must decide on whether or not this is beneficial for me, especially since I am required to go to Detroit for Hotter Than July.
I’ve got a lot to think about, so I’ll go get some Haagen Dazs and contemplate. See you tomorrow.

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