preparing for prime season

Prime’s birthday is tomorrow (June 27th).
Board members are quitting all over the place this season. At least one board member from every organization has quit within the last year. This disturbs me. Are the organizations that I’m involved with really falling through the wayside and need to be saved? That’s fine if they do– I’ve been through that before. But am I supposed to be the one to save organizations this year?
Now, don’t get me wrong. There was a time in life where I would have stepped up and performed and pulled organizations from the gutter. Not a skill, but a will (and a way). My fiscal year, however, has been touch and go. My heart says I need to perform. My mind is scared to death of stepping up while I’m still in the house recovering. On top of all of that, I’m sleeping during the day and working during the night now. Nightshift. Haven’t done that so long. Not my type of party either.
So now it’s raining, and I’m working with Anna today. I revamped the website some more — and you know, if I’m bored, then at least I can find something to do these days thanks to her. Boom is back, which makes working a charm again. I don’t have to worry if I’m working in vain (whatever that means).
I am so broke these days. Wonder if that was coming.
I now have it pretty much sewn up that I plan on resigning from one of the organizations. I simply don’t have that much time anymore. Plus, they are starting to aggravate me. I know I shouldn’t feel aggravated, but I do. I need to read Fortune. I got the magazine, and I was reading it a long time ago, but now I’ve stopped. How embarassing. There was a time that I read religiously. Now I sleep when I should be reading. Laziness? Or memory loss?
I was watching things with the kids for a while and then I decided to follow them upstairs since they decided that I was asleep and that they could get away from them. Meanwhile, I’m traumatized by the amount of money that I have, which is almost nonexistent. Did I mentioned how much I like Omar Gooding?
Koolaid is nasty. Very nasty. I’d rather watch Battlefield Earth. I had a huge upchuck and my menu was fried chicken and koolaid. So much for a wonderful day. After upchuck du jour, I slept and when I woke up, Mama was there and the crew arrived with the wonderful Relations. Their purpose? To fix dinner for Prime as a birthday present. (Wonder if he either had a good time or his quote came from the Sugarhill Gang– “The macaroni’s soggy / The cheese all mushed / And the chicken tastes like wood“).
And now I’m watching Crank Yankers (“Is it 8 dildos or 9 dildos for the order?“) and after one of these strange ass days, it’s definitely something that ended my day on a great/strange note.
Ca va.

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