i’m no superman

Retrospection can be such a bitch sometimes.
While I’ve gotten some great things done up to today, I’ve managed to spend enough money to relegate myself to a stupor, lose some weight, and live a rather sleepy life these past few days.
Not that anyone would notice, mind you. But it’s there.
I plan on reading through some websites today, to set my mind at ease. Three of ones I have to catch up on are All About George (thanx to anzi I get to hang out and enjoy Felix Da Housecat Kittenz), Negro Please (I’ll be reading for quite a while and not fall asleep, thankfully), and MistaGaskin (deep in an esoteric kinda way). Not to worry, I got womenfolk to deal with too, but I switched computers and kinda f-ed up my browser. It happens. I’ll tell you all about them very soon, I promise.
I also know I need to do a review of Instant Vintage but I also need to get into Norah Jones, The Best of Carly, The Best of Joni, Ashanti, Cookie….oh the list goes on and on. I’ll be quagmired into music. Guess there are good pressures in the world.
Let’s see….I could talk about non-ejaculation all day long (and why it’s actually okay), Spinach Alfredo pizza (I like Spinich Alfredo, but don’t like Papa John’s…man, this is gonna be a total trip), and why I’m not going to Chicago for the 4th (I should ram my head against the wall just to feel good).
But I won’t. Instead I’ll calm my ass down, start working out , get my mom in order, and assert myself to squelch some of the organizational dramas going on currently.
Yeah, I’m a wonderful guy, and I’m loads of fun – but you’ve got to get to know me.
Hasn’t someone said something like that before?