i thought he was b’elanna

Closed my eyes and / Kept on pushin’ / I just stopped lookin’ / Guess who showed up…..
Different Times, Raphael Saadiq f/T-Boz, Instant Vintage
Just when I thought that Torrez really meant a Voyager half-Klingon named B’Elanna. I’m loving these interesting blogs I keep getting the hook-ups to.
Am I still broke? Nope. Not for another month. I was in serious torment last night though. The kind that had me walking Anna for 2 hours and end up hungry. Traumatic enough to not call Mama, go to any kind of parade or jump around a park full of festive people this weekend. Luckily, the day changed for the better. I actually had a chance to keep working on getting my body in shape, go to Tower Records, and hit On The Border. Margaritas and fajitas were the food of choice for me and Boom. Very cool day. Last night was alright too, even though trying to come up with something to eat at 11PM wasn’t exactly what I wanted.
Did I have grits last night for dinner? No, nothing like that. Try Wendy’s. So much for Southern charm. I also got to watch Joyride, which was a very interesting movie – the part I saw anyway. I plan on purchasing it. Tobey McGuire playing his lead role amazed me. Scared me a little too.
Today got a little better. Visited Jason’s website. Hooked me up with Kelis. Also found out that I was a MOR-kinda guy, especially after taking the political compass (Economic Left/Right: -1.38; Authoritarian/Libertarian: -2.46). Does that bother me? Yes and no.
I live in a lifestyle that has a lot of left-wing idealisms, and for the most part I believe in them. Therefore, by assumption, I though that it would make me this huge lefty. Why? Because in my opinion, us folks have the right to do what we do and shouldn’t be persecuted. There are too many publicized topics regarding homosexual persecution every week – topics that get very old. I don’t sit here and try to convince people that what I do is the best thing in the world. I also don’t try to idealize people that I live this sadistic/demonic/sexually perverse lifestyle, because I don’t. As for my opinion of monetary intake, I say make the money you can. It’s your money. Give whatever money you want. It’s your money. I’ll try to help if I can, and very often I do. But hey now….if I get into situations where the money that I’m used to seeing come my way doesn’t happen, be warned that I won’t come anywhere near you – or anyone – until I get myself situated. Yes, the terms “relationship” and “comfort” are, in my mind, almost synonymous. That’s not to say that if there was a choice between dollars and love, I would be the money-man rather than the lover. But check it- if I didn’t call you because I’m broke, don’t take offense. I’m sure I’ll be back. Just like I am now.
Why does Raphael sound so good now? The last time it was being played, I was actually dissapointed about the whole thiing. I guess my mind needed to be uplifted. And in a sense it was. I also have a very short comment about D’Influence‘s new CD. They are both coming, don’t fret. I also have Norah Jones, Michelle Phillips, and Meshell, none of which I have played in heavy rotation. My mind and body have gotten a bit better though, so odds are pretty good that I’ll actually listen to them this week.
But now, I’m getting flak because I’m watching Chasing Amy as I type, with Boom and KC Masterpiece. And waitin’ for Prime. He’s been working kinda hard these days, and as much as I want to understand and not be the slightest bit upset about how hard he’s been working, it’s getting a little difficult for me, especially since he’s been up since 7 AM this morning and it is now 10:30 PM and he’s just entering the door. Gotta go, gotta go…..

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  1. Wow – You were busy! I was a bit worried about you because you had on your “don’t talk to me” face. But, that mood changed fairly quickly, I see.
    Trust me, it was WAY too hot for you, Sunday. Although, I had a good time, you wouldv’e been ready to go home in 30 minutes or less.

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