entry premiere

I’m here, damnit.
After about one week of installing Movable Type, I finally got it. Can you believe it? I even understand how this can play in with Dreamweaver MX. I’d better, since I paid so much for it.
I’ll spruce things up as time goes along. This has kept so much of my life on hold that it’s been a couple of stressful days. I learned today that if you have an IBM Thinkpad and you listen to music, then you’d better keep listening to it, because if you don’t your computer will freeze. This forces me to listen to music. Oh, what a pain.
Realism check today. I found out that I can be one of the most laid back people out there. I don’t like to dress up, I listen to music all the time, I’m kinda technical, and I can watch movies all day. Not love stories (Love Jones is one of the few exceptions). Good stories. We’re talking Magnolia, The Opposite Of Sex, Two Can Play That Game, and Freeway. I can keep the room junky- but not dirty (there’s a difference). Cookies and rootbeer are much better than beets and tomatoes.
I’ll be spending time doing activism things and shuffling around. After all, today marks the summertime AND the arrival of Cancer. It’s a good thing.
Aurra and MT web design are the highlights for the evening.
What did you expect? Some intelligent being here? Don’t count on it. Unless I steal some from Prime.
Back at it. Enjoy the show. Oh, and pass the popcorn.

8 comments on “entry premiere

  1. Antonio G says:

    … sits back and waits to see what color the walls will be next. Welcome.

  2. Congrats on the MT installation. Must be a joy.

  3. Mike says:

    DONALD!! I am in tears!! That is SO accurate. Down to the “accessories”

  4. Looks perfect to me.. Is that a cereal box?

  5. Ok, that cup seems to say Haagen Dasz or some sort.

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