chicken with hot sauce

First thing’s first. The following quote:
I might as well
Sign my name on a card which could say it better
Time will tell
�Cause it seems that I�ve done just about all that I can do

is from the Isley Brothers. The song? For The Love Of You. Thanks of course to the two contestants who guessed correctly (to you two: please email me back as I had some issues with conversion, which I promise I will explain below).
Now that the song quote for last week is out of the way, I’d like to highlight the past (long) weekend. Since Thursday, I had been spending time with trying to install MoveableType. This is perhaps the most unsuccessful attempt at software conversion that I’ve had in quite some time. When trying to install Moveable Type on my machine, I ran into an issue with Perl modules that should have been placed on the server. When the instructions told me to ask the administrators to have it installed, I got the following message:
Perl module called db_file has been added to our product suggestion list. It may or may not be added in the future but there is nothing we can do for now.
Now, I don’t know what you would have done with such a quote, but I was incensed (the adequate word for pissed). The response from Prime when I said I was interested in switching to Dreamhost?
You need to ask for your money back and move to Dreamhost.
I think you will happier in the long run.

Thus, in effect, I have moved to Dreamhost. While I have kept, I also have the domain called Yes, in other words, you can email either or Trust me, you’ll be happy either way.
Dreamhost has been more effective to me than I have gotten more to administer there and in effect have no issues with the installation of MoveableType. And while I try not to write “stick it where the sun don’t shine” letters, I’m feeling that way about right now. I’ve gotten things done in Dreamhost that took me three times as much time (and three “help me” emails) to do the same things in
Now that I’ve told you that, you should also understand why my MoveableType has been delayed. Yes, I’m working on it, but there always seems to be something else that will come up and cause me to have to do something else besides finish my MT installation. Some things that come to mind:
1) Never ask me if I want to go to a restaurant. This will always, always, stop me from doing computer work. It’s gotten me convinced that if it’s a good season, I must eat.
2) Never invite me to the movies. For some strange reason, I will go to movies, come back home, and go to sleep. This, of course, has nothing to do with me. I was forced by the people who wanted to go, and I just went along to save face. (You believe me, don’t you?)
3) Don’t play an episode of Enterprise – any kind of Enterprise – and expect me to do anything else that I’m supposed to do. If Jean Luc wants me to “engage”, I will do so with chocolate ice cream. It’s fair and just.
In other news today, I got to meet with Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. They have really helped with ITLA events and I am quite happy with that visit. I was also able to identify and then order an IBM laptop. Of course, I’ll be happier when I pick it up, but for now, I’m running around in circles waiting for it. Also, Raphael Saddiq’s new album is released tomorrow. I have no problem reviewing “Instant Vintage”. Look for that sometime around Friday.
In retrospect, had a blazin’ weekend. Had enough chicken and hot sauce to reinstate my Southern attitude. Yes, yes, y’all.
Glad you’re here. Enjoy yourself. I know I am.
BQMFB is doing great, by the way.