all i need is one mic…

After I spent 2 hours last night trying to get frames to work, all of a sudden this morning, what happens? I get a frame on the left. #$$)*$(*$*#)
Okay, I’m over that.
Going to a dinner with Prime tomorrow. At the dinner, Miss Franklin (Hotlanta’s mayor) will be there. I feel all special. Since I bought a tux, might as well wear it, right? Stay tuned for tomorrow.
A recap of this evening’s events:
– I reviewed D-Vas;
– I am tying the knot in October;
– Got to see The Sum of All Fears sell out in front of me.
Just wanted to make sure you were aware. All of this will come as soon as I can finish writing it (Of course, I’m sure I’ll finish like 3am. Damn, I need to go to bed earlier).