1460 days

It’s been exactly four years since we’ve met. I met both of them on Christopher Street in New York, and they have both been part of my life since.
Happy Anniversary to both of them.
Anzi– work that body and that mind. Let the world experience your fierceness!!
Prime– you are my world. It keeps growing stronger every day, which makes me love you that much more. Inescapable. Inseperable.

5 comments on “1460 days

  1. Antonio G says:

    Awwww … A good friendship and relationship are things to cherish.

  2. you know who says:


  3. Mike says:

    that reminds me of the girl in pre-school who could tell you hold old she was in days, hours, minutes, and seconds…. LOL
    Happy Anniversary boo! Sorry I was “occupied”, but you know I wuv woo!

  4. And sorry I didn’t do anything *special* – geezus – my time management has been shit, lately.

  5. e j says:

    Not to worry, j.brotherlove. A ‘Happy Anniversary’ suffices.
    I guess I have been so out of touch that I still don’t really know how to respond to an anniversary besides spending time together and eating.
    I guess I probably need another course in romanticism.

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