junior, part I

Let this entry be on public record. My day ended last night at 2am, and begun today before 7am. Ugh.
I knew that I had to wake up early- but I didn’t realize I would be chipper. Okay, not chipper – try straggling. I took Miss Beaverhausen out for her lovely release period early this morning. As I walked into the lovely weather at 6:30am, I got the strangest sensations which consisted of me not having shoes on and walking into a frigid space. After I fixed myself, Miss Beaverhausen did the same, and I waited for Junior.
After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I finally call my mother, concerned. Her response? “You had been wishy-washy so I let someone else take care of him.” WHAT?! I promptly shut down and fumed for the rest of the entire day. I refuse to even speak about it, I’m so pissed. I don’t plan on speaking to her for any lengthy amount of time.
Instead of dealing with all of this crap, I decide to go shopping and to lunch with Nomad. Even though I’ve had these great times with Nomad, I still fume over my mother and my conversations with her. She’s since tried to make up, but I hate being portrayed as the stupid, wishy-washy son. My reaction to this is to fall asleep until either I’m not pissed anymore or it goes away. Unfortunately, this time nothing happened. I wake up, my nephew comes over, and life continues.
Let’s see- more issues for today: 1) I still can’t modify links to NOT have underlines under them- wonder why that is; 2) I conquered the ice cream setback, still waiting on the soda; 2) Fortune came today! I am exhilarated; 3) still working with ITLA (more on that tomorrow). To add insult to injury, I’m still feeling like I’m being scrutinized and corrected on every turn- a fact that makes me more anxious and irritated by the hour.
While I’d like to talk about life in many more interesting forms, I can’t. Something tells me that I will as I get used to the site. Let’s hope tomorrow is better.