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Acid Jazz, Volume 12

On tap: Madhouse, Jazzanova with Paulk Randolph, 4Hero, Afro Elements, The Hue, Albin and Kelli Sae, Jhelisa, Atjazz and Clara, Daniel Crawford, The Family, Phony Ppl, Kero One, Workshy, Hardkandy, Damani, Nicola, Solaa, Terace Martin


Think Swing Out Sister, Sade, Michael Franks, Matt Bianco – and then inject it with some lite jazz, pop and soul – and you’ve got Workshy.

Acid Jazz 10: Free Your Mind

On tap: Pride n Politix, Omar, ALS, Guru with Chaka, Incognito, Swing Out Sister, Beady Belle, Jamiroquai, JTQ, Soil and “Pimp” Sessions, Modernday Soothsayers Jhelisa, Big Muff, Esperanto, D-Influence.

Bluey, Volume 1

It’s all about Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick, one of the founders of Acid Jazz. Featuring Incognito, Light Of The World, Citrus Sun, Maysa, Brenda Russell, and One Nation.

Acid Jazz, Volume 7

…got BNH, Incognito, Goove Collective, D-Influence, FMob, Donald Byrd, Swing Out Sister, Izit, Nuyoican Soul, Blackbyrds, Digable Planets, Ronny Jordan, Dee C Lee, and Jamiroquai to round it out.

Acid Jazz, Volume 6

Coming your way – acid jazz volume 6 with Mr. McCarthy at the reins. Incognito, Drizabone, James Taylor Quartet, Mica Paris, Jhelisa, Jamiroquai, Martine Girault, Sandals, Jason Rebello, Count Basic, Omar and Green Finger.

OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 5

Jazz. Acid Jazz, that is. Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Freak Power, Jungle Brothers, Kiss The Sky, The Brand New Heavies, Guru, Jamiroquai, D-Influence, K-Collective, Young Disciples, Repercussions, Vanessa Daou, Incognito, and Jhelisa.

OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 4

Working this out with Acid Jazz tracks, including two influential songs from the 70s– D-Influence, Donald Byrd, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Swing Out Sister, Carleen Anderson, Bob James, Incognito, James Taylor Quartet, Jhelisa, Stylistics, Repercussions, Herbie Hancock, and Loose Ends.

OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 3

Carleen Anderson and her cousins Jhelisa and Pamela (lead vocals in Incognito’s Good Love), are present here. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun is one of my favorite tracks from Nuyorican Soul, and I am a big fan of Maysa’s “All My Life” album as evident by What About Our Love? Along with Shola, Jamiroquai and the others, this is a little something that will please acid jazz fans.

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