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OSW: The Sound Of Music

And here we go….

Old School Wednesday: The Sound Of Music.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – Rick James – Glow
02 – Mary Jane Girls – Candy Man
03 – Lenny White & Twennynine – Peanut Butter
04 – Roger – Tender Moments
05 – The Fatback Band – Backstrokin’
06 – Dayton – The Sound Of Music [Extended]
07 – The Family – High Fashion
08 – ABC – The Look Of Love (Part One)
09 – Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out
10 – Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector
11 – LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl
12 – Zhane – You’re Sorry Now
13 – Al Jarreau – Morning
14 – Johnnie Taylor – Your Love Is Rated X
15 – Patrice Rushen – Remind Me

If you notice, Rick James and Mary Jane Girls are together, with Lenny White, Roger, and The Fatback Band bringing in the funk.
My personal favorite is Dayton’s rarely-heard cut, The Sound Of Music, which is a song I never, ever get tired of hearing.

I was thinking about The Family when I decided to include ABC’s The Look Of Love (Thanks, J.) Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out is followed by the former Level 42 bandmember/producer Wally Badarou with his instrumental Chief Inspector, one of my other favorites from back in the day. LL Cool J’s Around The Way Girl is followed by Zhane’s You’re Sorry Now (another great cut from them).

We’re finishing up with Al Jarreau’s Morning, Johnnie Taylor’s Your Love Is Rated X, and Patrice’s classic Remind Me.

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14 Responses “OSW: The Sound Of Music”

  1. 30 August 2006 at 05:27

    I haven’t heard Wally Badarou in a loooong time. We used to play that cassette to death!

  2. ms. alex
    30 August 2006 at 08:38

    ~ Next to Prince, Rick James was my fave male “soul/r&b” singer back in the 80’s.
    ~Aww, you know I luv some Fatback. (thx) Love the Family’s High Fashion (probably cuz of the Prince sound).
    ~ It’s cool to see ABC and Joe Jackson on here too.
    ~ You close with a smooth tune by Patice. Niiiiice! Love the whole mix, man. Till next time.

  3. chica
    30 August 2006 at 08:59

    Joe Jackson and LL…EJ, you are too much! : ) The Family…wow! Nice mix!

  4. 30 August 2006 at 09:01

    You know, sometimes that gut reaction/first thought you have when you initially see something is just plain hilarious. OK, so I’m looking at the playlist for EJ’s latest “start your day off right” mix and I get down to the Dayton cut “The Sound Of Music” and I think, “Oh, somebody did an R&B version of the song from that Julie Andrews movie?” Doh! {shaking my head in total disbelief at myself}. Anyway, once again EJ you don’t disappoint and you get “hump day” off to a great start!

  5. 30 August 2006 at 10:25

    Backstrokin’ was one of those skating rink jams. And Around The Way Girl sounds just as good today as it did in 1990.

  6. Thierno
    30 August 2006 at 11:38

    Nice mix. That’s my all-time fav. LL Cool J song. I speak to Wally Badarou from time to time. He relocated back to France from the Bahamas a couple of years ago. Definitely a class act. Thanks for including this highly underrated talent. Peace

  7. 30 August 2006 at 15:18

    excellent jams!!

  8. 30 August 2006 at 17:01

    Gotta love Patrice Rushen.

  9. 30 August 2006 at 18:55

    Oooooook!!! Finally after a long exile….the GrandMackDaddy is back. After health issues (eat ground turkey!!!), technical issues (The Mack Machine is back online), and surviving my late night brush with the law (get a tag for the car) I can resume posting. My hotel occupancy on Wednesdays is down 63% since I stopped playing OSW (Coincidence, I think not). JESSE DAYTON……one of the few songs that got regular urban airplay on WATM (Atmore, AL). BLX often used that song as a lead-in to Westwood 1 news. What a waste of a good song. I wanted to be the “Candy Man” for the MJ Girls. Rick James actually “scats” in Glow. I love the a capella ending of Glow. 1985….what a year. Lenny White……ABC (I was a mark then)…..I haven’t heard Chief Inspector in ages…..Thank you. Enuff rambling. You’ve reached the status of….DAMN..THAT WAS GOOD!!!!

  10. 30 August 2006 at 23:54

    @J, yeah. I think I remember wearing that cassette out.
    @Chica, yeah, Rick James was an awesome guy. Glad you enjoy him.
    @TGrundy – Julie Andrews? Who’s that? *hides Peter Pan* LOL!
    @Nikki – Lookin for that good stuff? Tighten up on your backstroke!
    @Rob – thanks man. Loving that website too….
    @Dominique – spectactular finisher. Which reminds me, I think I owe someone an email…
    @CoachMVP – we can talk about this all evening…but yeah, I figured you’d like The Sound Of Music. Thought everyone forgot about it.

  11. ms. alex
    31 August 2006 at 11:18

    Well! *puts hand to chest* Am I the only one who didn’t merit a comment, EJ?

  12. ms. alex
    31 August 2006 at 11:20

    Well! *puts hand on chest* You responded to everyone ‘cept me! *boo hoo*

  13. 1 September 2006 at 06:18

    ms. alex – now you know i would nevah do that! i got all three comments you left. i’m having some serious site issues when trying to install something Wednesday. it seems as my site went away for about an hour. i made it reappear but now comments have got to be manually approved by me (including this one i’m leaving right now). i hope to get that fixed soon too.

  14. Big Daddy
    1 September 2006 at 10:30

    Brother you always seem to put one in with my name on it. This week it’s Dayton’s Sound of Music. You never ever cease to amaze.

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