Prince, Volume 1: The Live Experience

Last month, I alerted a certain person (who is the father of Old School Wednesday, by the way). I was mentioning that a certain person’s birthday was on Wednesday and for him to take the reins and hook us up for this week. He concurred, and now he’s setting us up with not one, not two, but three volumes. No one does it better than him, you know. Let’s start it off here. KB proudly presents……

Prince, Volume 1: The Live Experience.

Check it out, and stay tuned for volume 2.

5 thoughts on “Prince, Volume 1: The Live Experience

  1. I have a question…does anyone have a VHS copy of the San Francisco ’85 concert? I had a copy of it I taped from MTV back in the day….anyone have it? Let a sista know!

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