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OSW: Philly Soul, Volume I

Philly’s in the house, thanks to my friend Mike P and Bernie.
There were so many songs to consider, and so much reminiscing, that I finally
had to stop myself and start presenting this in volumes. This is only a glimpse
into the vibe. Right now, we present:

School Wednesday: Philly Soul, Volume 1.

01 – MFSB & The Three Degrees – T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia).

02 – The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again?

03 – The Stylistics – People Make the World Go Round (Full Version).

04 – The Spinners – Could It Be I’m Falling In Love?
05 – Billy Paul – Me and Mrs. Jones.
06 – The Intruders – I Wanna Know Your Name.
07 – Blue Magic – Sideshow.
08 – The Spinners – Games People Play.
09 – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes & Sharon Paige – Hope That We Can
Be Together Soon.
10 – Billy Paul – Brown Baby.
11 – People’s Choice – Do It Any Way You Wanna.
12 – The O’Jays – I Love Music (Extended).
13 – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Bad Luck (Extended).
14 – The O’Jays – For the Love of Money (Extended).

Most of these songs bring up some serious childhood memories for me,
I don’t even know where to begin, seriously. More information is forthcoming.
For now, just enjoy the vibe…..

26 Responses “OSW: Philly Soul, Volume I”

  1. 19 October 2005 at 00:22

    I’m familiar with a little over half of these songs. My memories of relate mostly to my parents and me toddling around back in the day. LOL Those were the days!

  2. ted
    19 October 2005 at 08:33

    I love the selections but where is LOve is The Message from MFSB & The Three Degrees? 🙂

  3. 19 October 2005 at 09:05

    Ah yes! Taking me back to my high school and college years.
    Be patient Ted. “Love is the Message” will find its way into Volume II.

  4. 19 October 2005 at 09:21

    This is the soundtrack to every Saturday morning in my home as a child. My parents would have the stereo cranking out these types of tunes every Saturday morning while we all cleaned the house.

  5. 19 October 2005 at 09:41

    @Carla: man, I remembered all of these songs but one. I’ve gotta be dating myself.
    @Ted: wait for Volume II, man. All in good time.
    @Bernie: are you getting work done? I’m not.
    @Nikki: you too, huh? My mother is listening to this stuff and having a fit right now.

  6. 19 October 2005 at 10:05

    Where Don Cornielus? Peace… Love… and…

  7. 19 October 2005 at 10:08

    all that’s missing is that Asian chick dancing down the soul train line 😉

  8. 19 October 2005 at 10:17

    EJ: No. I’m not getting any work done. hehehe

  9. 19 October 2005 at 11:34

    What Up EJ? Hey for volume two make sure you put some Jean Carne in there.. Maybe “Sweetest Pain”,& “Don’t Let it go to your head.” Also Another really hot Billy Paul song is “Let’s Make A Baby.”
    I’m really feeling your site.. We have a lot in common musically. My playlist this week will have some treats on it as well…
    As always..Peace, Blessings, & GrantLove

  10. Jah_Luv
    19 October 2005 at 14:14

    Wassup EJ,
    I wonder if I could use them COLD AS ICE lines from “I Wanna Know Your Name” in a real life situation? GREAT MIX!!
    Peace and Blessings!

  11. 19 October 2005 at 14:35

    Finally a mix that I can enjoy at my family reunion! Just clownin’, I’m definitely feeling this one….maybe I can use some of these lyrics the next time I am “out on the town”!…again…kidding…

  12. 19 October 2005 at 16:48

    oooooh EJ…I simply love this list….That’s why Boyz to Menz had so much soul…Philly Sounds are the ish…I’m about to turn up the stereo again…And I finally have a radioblog site…I’m have to do tuesdays and thursday LOL Love u…Hope u doing ok!

  13. 19 October 2005 at 18:25

    Music is the healing force of the world
    It’s understood by every man woman boy and girl
    That’s why I say, I say
    I love Music”

    I had to come back and say that LOL

  14. 19 October 2005 at 18:56

    I should come over there and slap the shit outchu for this. LOL Hot, hot, hot… the utter hotness.

  15. 19 October 2005 at 19:00

    I stopped by this morning to check out the playlist you are today and now I am finally able to give it a listen. As I mentioned to you, having done my first radio blog, I understand the work that goes into doing it. Just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.

  16. 19 October 2005 at 21:20

    @Todd – I can’t take you anywhere, can I? You needs some help!
    @GL – I’ve got you covered, already….
    @Jah Luv – I’m glad you’re likin’ it. That means a whole lot to me.
    @Godizus – I’m writing your mother. I know she has pictures with you in an afro…..
    @DJ Diva – I used to sing that song in elementary school! I could go all day about these tunes.
    @X – Time for the steppers. Steppers to the floor please….. *Turns up ‘Do It Any Way You Wanna’*
    @James – thanks. Those things are some serious work, but its some serious satisfaction once they’re done…

  17. Qamar
    20 October 2005 at 14:10

    Sweet, sweet music!
    You could do whole sets by many of the artists here (Stylistics, O’Jays, Spinners, Harold Melvin/Teddy, etc.).
    Can’t wait to hear the future volumes. EJ, you dipped into a deep pool of great music here.

  18. 20 October 2005 at 20:37

    Retourdid to the max!
    That asian woman from soul train heard this mix and is dancing in my office right now… no that’s just my accountant!
    Stay Cool,

  19. 21 October 2005 at 08:52

    Not Harold Melvin…and the Blue Notes. No…no…*shakes head*
    “Bad luck…that’s what you got…that’s what you got.” Mmmph. No words. I got…no words. None.
    And hey…remember when Christopher Williams did a remake of “Hope That We Can Be Together Soon?”
    Man, he had a beautiful voice. *RPM says dreamily*

    21 October 2005 at 13:55

    Stop playing!!!!Whoa ur killing me with ur list.. Damn!!! Now I’m traveling back down memory lane

  21. 21 October 2005 at 15:55

    The Stylistics – People Make the World Go Round (Full Version). Oh yeah…love them. Fantastic list!
    Happy weekend!

  22. 21 October 2005 at 16:36

    @Qamar: Everytime I think that things have run their course, I’m constantly reminded that I’ve only scratched the surface. Thanks, man.
    @Irving: Man, your quote, and your site, have been making my day, man. Still looking for that Soul Train dancer!
    @RPM: Put those Christopher Williams CDs away!
    @Softness1: Oh, we’re not done yet. Not at all.
    @Cheryl: We got you covered, you know. That’s one of my favorite cuts, along with Games People Play (Purvis Jackson on bass vocals, and interjections by Barbara Ingram)….you know, I can go on and on about this……

  23. 22 October 2005 at 09:15

    beautiful mix man. I never knew the name or the artist who performed songs 1 and 2 before but I sure remember them from my childhood

  24. 23 October 2005 at 17:49

    great music…I love Philly Soul..Jill Scott, Musiq and The Roots are the new generation.

  25. Dominique
    24 October 2005 at 12:32

    This is a WONDERFUL mix…I’m really feeling this, by the way, I LOVE YOUR SITE!

  26. tiheen
    19 April 2006 at 13:57

    13 – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Bad Luck (Extended).
    Does anyone know where I can find this song?
    What album is the extended version on?

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